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/ January 31, 2019 How Leaving Management Helped Me Grow Better as a Parent
How Leaving Management Helped Me Grow Better as a Parent

By Nathanael Yellis


When you think about the “typical” career path, the steps always look pretty similar: individual contributor, manager, senior manager, VP, CEO. Because we’ve seen this same career ladder our entire lives, we automatically default to thinking that advancing in our careers means moving up into these management roles. And when I started my career, that’s exactly what I thought. “Managers run everything! Individual contributors don’t have much sway or influence. Why would I want to get stuck there?”

So, I did what we all typically do. I worked hard to Read More

/ October 27, 2017 Why Today’s “Working Mom” is Your Company's Best Asset
Why Today’s “Working Mom” is Your Company's Best Asset

By Laurie Aquilante

I’d only been back to work from maternity leave for a few weeks when my son came down with an awful cold. My husband took him to the doctor and they gave us some advice: The more you can breastfeed him, directly from your body versus pumping, the faster he’ll get better.


That was my honest reaction to my first conflict between motherhood and my career.

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/ October 6, 2017 5 Simple Ways to De-Stress at Work
5 Simple Ways to De-Stress at Work

By Maggie Bertram

Let’s face it, many of us believe our jobs are our primary sources of stress. With projects to keep up with, meetings to attend, and emails to write, there just isn’t enough time (or coffee) in a day. Many people end up taking their work home with them, if not physically then mentally, and fresh ideas and things to do become the main source of sleepless nights. That's why here at HubSpot we try to find small and easy ways to bring balance to employees' day-to-days.

Having a work-life balance and ways to de-stress during the workday minimize burnout and keep us happy and healthy when we come in each morning. So, here are five simple ways you can boost your own mental wellness and find a little relaxation during the 9 to 5.

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