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/ April 3, 2017 Confessions of a Procrastinator
Confessions of a Procrastinator

By Kat Warboys

Procrastinate_Kat.pngI had never really considered myself a procrastinator...until my first six months in at HubSpot.

The first few months went well. Really well. I had a detailed 100-Day Plan from my manager with projects to achieve, items to check off the list, and clear deadlines. By the time I had completed the plan, I was energized by how much challenging work there was to be done, and by the projects I could tackle that would make an impact on our business and customers.

For some reason this was harder than I had expected. By the end of every day I felt ... Read More

/ August 1, 2016 Run Meetings That Work For Your Whole Team
Run Meetings That Work For Your Whole Team

By Beth Dunn

Folks on my team were sharing and discussing this article on Harvard Business Review recently, which I thought was an excellent exploration of a topic near to my heart. My only real quibble is with the title, which instead of Run Meetings That Are Fair To Introverts, Women, and Remote Workers, should really be something more like "Run Meetings That Are Fair To Your Whole Team." Because when any voice is silenced, we all suffer. 

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