ios-signals-hubspotToday, the Signals team at HubSpot launched the Signals mobile app for iOS, making the selling experience easier for sales people and the buying experience better for customers. The app tracks email engagement with prospects, leads, and customers, notifying sales reps when a prospect opens their email message, clicks on a link embedded in an email, or revisits a pricing page, providing the context a sales person needs to invest his or her time in highly engaged leads without being stuck by the phone all day.

Of the launch, HubSpot’s Chief Revenue Officer of Inbound Sales, Mark Roberge said “Today’s top sales people are prepared to engage with a prospect when it is convenient for them. If I’m on the road with 15 minutes of free time, who should I call? The next person listed alphabetically on a call sheet or a prospect who just opened my email or visited my site. The buying process happens anytime, anywhere, and Signals arms sales people to respond and react accordingly, giving them the flexibility to leave their desk or the office without missing an opportunity to connect or close on a deal.”

Signals users can now receive real-time notifications on leads, prospects, and customers’ email and CRM activity, and draft, send, and track emails all from their iOS device. With over 16% of email-driven sales happening on a mobile device, sales and service representatives must have the capability to connect with leads, prospects, and customers from anywhere, at any time.

Christopher O’Donnell, General Manager for Signals, noted “since we launched Signals last August, over 40,000 sales and service reps worldwide have increased the efficiency of their conversations and connections with our desktop application. Bringing Signals to mobile takes both our product and our value proposition to the next level, giving people the flexibility to leave their desk or the office without missing out on important conversations and context.”

For more information, please visit or download the app in the App Store.


Originally published Mar 25, 2014 9:41:30 PM, updated March 26 2014