In 2017, we launched the first HubSpot Partner Advisory Council (PAC) to better communicate with our partner network, gather valuable feedback around our products and the partner program, and make improvements along the way. During the uncertainty of 2020 our PAC acted as a strategic partner providing feedback to help us create innovative ways to sell and service with partners, building new features in the Solutions Directory, and so much more. 

In 2021, we will have five geo-specific PACs to help understand and drive value in each region: North America, Latin America, EMEA, Australia and New Zealand, and South-East Asia and India. Each PAC will bring a fresh perspective to HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program, and will act as a sounding board for the company as we continue to improve the program in the future.


The new PAC members were selected through a competitive application process. Each application was reviewed by the senior partner program leadership team at HubSpot, taking into consideration the quality of the ideas provided by the partners as well as their tiers and tenure in the program.

Here are the new PAC members per region:


North America
  • amarareps (United States)

  • Bridges Strategies (United States)

  • Diaz & Cooper (United States)

  • Eternal Works (United States)

  • Evenbound (United States)

  • Globalia (Canada)

  • Horseshoe + co. (Canada)

  • IMPACT (United States)

  • LyntonWeb (United States)

  • ManoByte (United States)

  • Media Junction (United States)

  • New Breed (United States)

  • Remotish (United States)

  • Rent Bridge (United States)

  • Revenue River (United States)

  • Salted Stone (United States)

  • SmartBug Media (United States)

  • Tobe Agency, LLC (United States)

  • Trujay (United States)

  • Webstacks (United States)

Latin America
  • Andimol (Argentina)

  • Awtana (Chile)

  • Black and Orange (Mexico)

  • Grupo Creativo Habla (Colombia)

  • HAL Company (Argentina)

  • Hint (Mexico)

  • Hook Digital (Brazil)

  • IDS Agency (Chile)

  • Inbound Soul (Brazil)

  • Interius (Mexico)

  • Mkt4edu (Brazil)

  • JULIUS Connected 2 Grow (Mexico)

  • Lookers (Chile)

  • Sinectica (Panama)

  • Triario (Colombia)

  • Zubia People & Business (Mexico)


  • Avidly (Finland)

  • BBD Boom (United Kingdom (GB))

  • Cacao media (Israel)

  • CloudMaitre (United Kingdom (GB))

  • Datasocial (Spain)

  • Huble Digital (United Kingdom (GB))

  • MAN DIGITAL (Romania)

  • MarkedsPartner AS (Norway)

  • MARKENTIVE (France)

  • Mediaworx AG (Germany)

  • Naxa Srl (Italy)

  • Shock Inbound (Netherlands)

  • Six & Flow (United Kingdom (GB))

  • Thought Leader Systems (Germany)

  • Webs (Netherlands)


Australia and New Zealand
  • Aamplify (New Zealand)

  • BAC Partners (Australia)

  • Concentrate (New Zealand)

  • Content Chemistry (Australia)

  • (Australia)

  • EPIC Sales Group Pty Ltd (Australia)

  • Hunt & Hawk (Australia)

  • Hype & Dexter (New Zealand)

  • Misfit Digital (Australia)

  • Neighbourhood (Australia)

  • One Orange Cow (Australia)

  • RedPandas Digital (Australia)

  • Refuel Creative (Australia)

  • Salted Stone (Australia)

  • Synx (Australia)


South-East Asia and India
  • BlueOshan (India)

  • ClickTrue (Singapore)

  • digiEasy Company Limited (Hong Kong)

  • Gapit (Vietnam)

  • GetCre8ive Corporation (Philippines)

  • Gogo Partners (Taiwan)

  • Launchpad Marketing (Malaysia)

  • Magnetolabs (Thailand)

  • Metric Digital Singapore (Singapore)

  • Niswey (India)

  • Onyx Island (Singapore)

  • Oxygen (Hong Kong)

  • TransFunnel Consulting (India)

  • Webdew (India)


The PACs will hold virtual meetings every quarter to discuss changes and updates to the partner program as well as provide feedback on product betas, partner tools, and partner engagement.

To learn more about the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program, please visit

Originally published Feb 17, 2021 9:00:00 AM, updated January 19 2023