HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies, announced today that its native integration for WhatsApp is now available to all Marketing Hub and Service Hub customers at the Professional tier and above. WhatsApp, with over two billion monthly active users, has become the world’s most popular messaging platform. With HubSpot’s integration, teams can connect an existing WhatsApp business account as a messaging channel to their shared inbox to communicate with prospects and customers, while also leveraging powerful data within HubSpot’s CRM. 

“Digital marketing is changing. To reach your customers you must connect in new ways, especially with customers outside the U.S.,” said Steph Cuthbertson, Chief Product Officer at HubSpot. “That’s why we’re excited to integrate WhatsApp and launch a richly integrated feature set, including all the unified inbox, automation, and personalization our customers love with our Marketing and Service products. With HubSpot’s deeply connected platform, all your connections are automatically measurable so you can track effectiveness and easily tune to maximize your ROI. We’re thrilled to give this to our global customers everywhere today.”

The WhatsApp integration, originally announced at INBOUND 2022, is the latest development in HubSpot’s commitment to building a platform that helps businesses create more connected, seamless customer experiences. 

“Messaging is how people and businesses want to communicate and get business done. Businesses of all sizes are embracing this shift and finding new opportunities to better engage with customers, offer support, and drive sales,” said Kyle Jenke, Business Messaging, Director of Partnerships at Meta. “We’re excited to work with HubSpot to make WhatsApp available for more businesses to better manage the end-to-end customer journey on our messaging platform.”

Customers are digitally drained, and communication channels are oversaturated. That, paired with economic uncertainty, makes it more important than ever for customers to leverage existing tools to communicate with customers whenever, and wherever they want. With the integration, marketing and customer service teams can: 

  1. Better and more quickly communicate with customers by tracking all customer conversations in one unified location.
  2. Connect with customers using their preferred medium – whether that’s text, images, or videos – all from within HubSpot.
  3. Deliver a seamless service experience by leveraging HubSpot’s shared inbox, which gives teams a comprehensive view of each customer’s conversation history.
  4. Automate and personalize messages, encouraging a two-way conversation and ultimately building more human connection with customers at scale.

“At World Vision we aim to connect our donors, both current and potential, with our commitment of service to the most vulnerable children and adolescents. WhatsApp is essential for this because it allows us to nurture that relationship with them through content and interactions in real time," said Juan Felipe Plata, Digital Marketing Director LatAm at World Vision. "HubSpot’s new integration with WhatsApp is a milestone because we will now be able to strengthen World Vision's omnichannel approach and enhance communication with our donors through messaging tools that they already use in their day-to-day activities.”

HubSpot has seen rapid growth adopting WhatsApp, with nearly half the Company’s revenue stemming from outside the U.S. The WhatsApp integration is the latest native integration for HubSpot, joining a group of more than 150 applications built in house.

For more information on the integration, including specifics on features, pricing and packaging, visit HubSpot’s product page.

Originally published Nov 15, 2022 9:00:00 AM, updated January 20 2023