HubSpot announces HIPAA support and new sensitive data tools

Scaling businesses can now manage confidential customer data in HubSpot’s Smart CRM and navigate compliance as they grow

Successful businesses use data to fuel their growth. But safely using sensitive data, including government IDs, medical records, and bank account numbers, to power go-to-market can be challenging. In industries like healthcare, finance, and insurance, businesses have had to piece together point solutions to get a single view of their customer, all while managing a complex compliance process. This patchwork approach has led to disconnected teams, disjointed customer experiences, and missed opportunities to grow.

Regulated industries, like healthcare, finance, and insurance, play a huge role in any thriving economy, so helping them grow is critical. According to IDC research, the combined total addressable market (TAM) of marketing, sales, and service in these industries is over $30 billion today, and will grow to be over $50 billion by 2028.* 

Now, HubSpot customers in these industries and beyond can use the Smart CRM to safely store sensitive data, giving them a complete view of the customer in one place. Backed by robust security and privacy protections, this also includes operating HubSpot’s products in compliance with HIPAA. With this update, the most unified customer record for marketing, sales, and service teams is now even stronger. 

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HubSpot evangelist, Kyle Jepson, explains how customers can power growth by securely storing and using sensitive data in HubSpot's Smart CRM

Unifying data in HubSpot powers growth for healthcare companies

Nowhere can a complete view of the customer be more impactful than healthcare. Both B2B healthcare companies and care providers can now store HIPAA-protected and medical data in HubSpot, and use it to automate workflows, connect their teams with closed-loop reporting, and create campaigns with relevant, personalized information.

Atypical Digital, a HubSpot partner and global digital platform that implements CRM customization and technology integrations, can now help healthcare clients unify their data in HubSpot:

“We’ve been implementing HubSpot for years at healthcare companies around the world and have seen first-hand the impact unified data can have on business growth for our clients,” said Jan Beery, President Global Life Sciences at Atypical Digital. “With the rise of e-commerce in B2B healthcare comes the growing need to securely store sensitive data and the timing of HubSpot's sensitive data launch couldn’t be better. From personalized nurture campaigns to innovative marketing strategies, this feature unlocks endless possibilities for healthcare manufacturers. The healthcare industry needed a simple yet secure solution for storing sensitive data, and HubSpot is stepping in to fill that gap.”

Sensitive data benefits across regulated industries 

By storing confidential customer data in HubSpot’s Smart CRM, companies across regulated industries can now take full advantage of HubSpot’s customer platform to power their go-to-market strategy.

  • Marketers can: 
    • Improve lead generation by collecting sensitive data where customers have consented to its use for marketing purposes (such as website forms or when ordering a product). 
    • Safely segment audiences, send targeted marketing campaigns, and power marketing automation, without cobbling together workarounds to properly handle protected data.
  • Sales reps can:
    • Personalize prospecting with a complete view of prospects to create more relevant connections and build more pipeline.
    • Automate deal management processes that require customers to provide sensitive data in forms (such as loan applications).
  • Service teams can:
    • Create a single customer record for help desk reps by securely storing sensitive data required for delivering tailored service (such as booking and modifying travel itineraries).

“The ability to store sensitive data opens the door for even more businesses to grow with HubSpot's customer platform,” said Andy Pitre, EVP of Product at HubSpot. “Storing sensitive data in HubSpot has been the top customer request across industries. It not only strengthens the Smart CRM as the single source of truth for customer data, it means businesses no longer need to piece together solutions just to have a single view of their customer.”

Across go-to-market, each team can better manage legal, security, and regulatory compliance with comprehensive audit logging, advanced authentication features, inactive session timeout, account security recommendations, per-tenant application-level encryption, and more. More resources can be found in our Trust Center.

Support for storing sensitive data in HubSpot is available globally, and will include additional data types in the coming months. Using HubSpot’s products in compliance with HIPAA is available in public beta. Enterprise customers can enable these features in their Privacy & Consent settings. Learn more about storing sensitive data in HubSpot.

*IDC Spend Data commissioned by HubSpot, March 2023

Originally published Jun 4, 2024 9:00:00 AM, updated June 04 2024