HubSpot is excited to announce that our Cambridge headquarters have expanded to a second building in order to accommodate our ever-growing team.

In addition to our current location at 25 First Street in Cambridge, we will also occupy space on the first and second floors at 2 Canal, located directly across the street. This expansion comes on the heels of the December 2015 announcement that we’ve signed a 12-year lease extension at 25 First Street that allows HubSpot the opportunity to take over the entire building as current tenants vacate.


The additional space fills 60,002 sq. ft. and includes desks for 295 employees, as well as some exciting new perks for HubSpotters to enjoy. Highlights include a large meeting/event space complete with bleacher seating and industrial kitchen, a ping pong room, an indoor beer garden, a private outdoor patio, and last but certainly not least, a coffee house-style café that will be staffed daily with a barista from Barismo.

“We want all our offices to be enjoyable places for HubSpotters to come to everyday -- a place where they are happy, comfortable and productive,” said JD Sherman, HubSpot COO. “As we’ve done with all of our offices, we designed the space to maximize creativity, innovation, and collaboration and I think we’ve knocked it out of the park with this one.”


Like the existing office, the new space will also include standard HubSpot office features like relaxation spaces, standing desks, meeting rooms of various size and function, a well stocked kitchen, and nomad desks. By popular employee request, both 2 Canal and 25 First Street will be dog-friendly for our four-legged HubSpotters.

“We worked hard to make sure the new space is as cool, innovative, fun, and functional as the HubSpotters who will be working in it,” said Ken Papa, HubSpot’s Director of Facilities. “I think we’ve maximized every square inch of the space, making sure to use what our employees told us would be most beneficial as we created an environment for them to do their best work.”


Employees moving to the new space include HubSpot’s Product team, Business Operations, and Product Marketing. In addition to featuring some exciting perks for employees, the space at 2 Canal also affords HubSpot the amenities needed to host more events open to the public. The first such event will take place on January 27 when HubSpot hosts a screening of CodeGirl - sign up now.

Originally published Jan 13, 2016 8:30:00 AM, updated January 18 2023