At HubSpot, we’ve adopted a customer-first, problem solving philosophy. That’s why we launched the App Accelerator program in 2020 - because we know that solving for the customer also means making our platform super integration-friendly. Now, in our third year of the program, we’re expanding the scope to bring even more integrations and solutions to our international and multimarket customers. 

Like previous iterations of the program, the International App Accelerator program enlists HubSpot partners to build custom integrations and solutions that address customer feedback that falls outside of the HubSpot product team’s usual scope. Partners who join the program get direct access to HubSpot’s developer advocates for technical support. Through the program, our partners are able to tap into their deep knowledge of our platform to deliver the solutions our customers need to get the most out of HubSpot, which is a win for HubSpot, its customers, and its partners. 

“At HubSpot, we know we’ll never be able to solve for every gap in our product capabilities in house. Since its launch in 2020, the App Accelerator program has helped us better address customer feedback and has proved to be as much a benefit for HubSpot customers and partners as it is for HubSpot,” said Caitlin Siegrist, HubSpot’s App Accelerator manager. “By expanding the program internationally, we’re able to provide the high quality and custom solutions that our global and multimarket customers need and deserve to help their business grow better.”

In addition to the increased amplification and marketing of their new app, HubSpot partners will be eligible to receive an investment from HubSpot’s Developer Track Fund for the first time in the App Accelerator program’s history. A panel of HubSpotters will review the newly available apps and select up to five organizations to receive a $50,000 to $150,000 USD investment by HubSpot to further develop their solutions. 

HubSpot partners have developed 12 apps for the HubSpot marketplace to solve customer requests in the international market. Apps included in the International App Accelerator program include solutions for data management, payments, translation, reporting, and more. 

"The HubSpot team supported us through every phase of our product development - from selecting our concept all the way through listing the app on their marketplace. They also provided ideas for improving our marketing strategy and go-to-market plans,” Julian Ceballos, VP of product, Instrumental Group said. “I'd recommend the App Accelerator program to anyone looking to grow their business in HubSpot's ecosystem." 

The new App Accelerator collection on the HubSpot Marketplace is available here. If you want to be a part of the Accelerator program, please submit this application.

Originally published May 23, 2022 8:30:00 AM, updated January 20 2023