For over a decade, HubSpot Academy has been on a mission to transform the way people and companies grow by offering free online trainings for the digital age. We’re excited to continue driving toward this mission during our fourth-annual World Certification Week, which will be held May 15 - May 19. World Certification Week is a week-long virtual event that encourages professionals around the world to complete free HubSpot Academy certifications. During this year's event, we're also excited to celebrate an amazing milestone while giving back to our communities.

First, as a part of our commitment to social responsibility, HubSpot Academy is thrilled to announce that for every certification awarded during the event, we will donate $5 USD to an education-focused non-profit (up to $50,000 USD). In addition, during the month of May, HubSpot Academy is expected to reach over half a million actively certified users. With this donation and milestone achievement, HubSpot Academy continues to make it possible for individuals and businesses to build their careers and grow their businesses while keeping up with today's rapidly changing market demands.

“Getting certified with HubSpot Academy can support your career by breaking down the barrier of entry into marketing, sales, and service roles. This week is dedicated to the Academy's purpose to empower our global learning community through inbound experiences to support individuals’ and organizations’ career development,” said Courtney Sembler, Director of HubSpot Academy. “Personally, World Certification Week is the best representation of why I love HubSpot Academy. It shines a light on this global community of learners and their goals and, most importantly, focuses on such a core element for the HubSpot Academy: passionate educators empowering global learners, together.” 

HubSpot Academy offers over 40 industry-recognized certification courses, many of which are used in over 450 global universities teaching students sales, marketing, and service best practices to help jump-start their careers as they enter the workforce. However, in today’s world, the skills you need to be successful are constantly changing. That’s why HubSpot Academy is continuing to invest in the global learning community with new educational opportunities including upcoming courses on AI, expanded group learning options, and updated trainings for sales leaders. And, we’re offering it in six languages (Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, German, and English) to provide global learners with the necessary resources to grow their careers. 

World Certification Week started as a one-day celebration of knowledge in 2020 and has since transformed into a beloved annual event where HubSpot customers and partners come together to learn, hear from industry experts, get certified, and help local communities. Interested in participating? To get started, head to HubSpot Academy to choose from over 40 industry-recognized certification courses in marketing, sales, and service.

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Originally published May 9, 2023 9:00:00 AM, updated May 09 2023