Onboarding is seen as the most important post-sales step in building a relationship with the customer, and it is vital that sales and success teams are aligned from the start. This practice has historically been focused on just getting users up to speed on day one, which has left a lot to be desired as customers look to deepen their product knowledge. At the same time, platforms become more complex, it is increasingly difficult for customers to self-onboard, and as a result, onboarding and product-led motions are becoming closer neighbors. 

In addition, onboarding can be a powerful lever into a deeper understanding of each customer’s unique use case, driving upsell opportunities and giving both sales and customer success data-driven insights from successful customers to inform future sales motions. This presents a large opportunity for efficiency gains where companies can leverage templates to streamline onboarding and drive more product adoption among similar customer personas. Gaining an earlier understanding of the customer’s use case strengthens the ability of the customer success org to operate and reduces early churn. 

Our Investment in Arrows, and Arrows’ Investment in HubSpot

We are thrilled to announce our investment in Arrows, which is a pure-play investment in deep customer relationships and a high-quality customer experience within HubSpot’s ecosystem. Arrows replaces onerous project management tools, rigid checklists, and clunky spreadsheets with easy-to-adopt onboarding plans with shared tasks, workflows, and reminders. Customers can onboard faster with mutual action plans that integrate directly with HubSpot. Teams running onboarding and success with Arrows and HubSpot are more aligned with their customers, have far less manual work to do, and have more capacity to spend time with prospects and customers alike. It’s no surprise why Arrows is one of the most installed customer success tools in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

It is clear that co-founders Daniel and Benedict and the Arrows team are building a connected, customer-centric, and scalable approach to onboarding. Arrows users can completely customize each onboarding experience and manage all data in HubSpot, removing costly and time-consuming data silos and clearly outlining the steps required for customers to onboard. Arrows unlocks massive potential for onboarding teams by enabling entire processes to be custom-built and run – all without leaving HubSpot. In fact, Arrows made the decision to rip out a third of its product and focus on building a deep and robust HubSpot integration - a major vote of confidence in our platform and ecosystem. HubSpot and HubSpot Ventures are thrilled to return an equal vote of confidence with our investment in Arrows. 


Teams can keep their customers focused and on track with mutual action plans, all while keeping progress tracking and dashboarding entirely inside HubSpot

Customer onboarding that delivers results

Arrows embodies its motto “I Love Happy Customers” in many ways, but the customer education and support that they provide to its users stands out. Arrows has (literally) written the customer success playbook for HubSpot and they continue to make waves as one of the fastest-growing app installs in our ecosystem.

Learn more about Arrows’ amazing customer onboarding platform or read the team’s announcement post.

Originally published Mar 8, 2023 11:02:02 AM, updated April 19 2023