HubSpot_logo_low-res-2Today, inbound marketing software company HubSpot launched Jumpstart, an initiative to make the company’s platform affordable and accessible for early stage startups. The grant will cover 90% of the software costs during the first year of usage and qualifying startups will have access to training and support to get them started with the software. Of the announcement, HubSpot co-founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah said “inbound marketing is about rewarding companies for what’s in their brain not what’s in their wallet, which is perfect for startups. We’re passionate about helping fast-growing startups build their brand by leveraging inbound and HubSpot, and this program allows companies with tight budgets but massive market opportunities to grow their brand with our software and support.”

Kyle Clark, Co-Founder of Prime Student Loan LLC, participated in the beta version of the Jumpstart program, said “Operating as a startup you're always strapped for cash however the need for a scalable sales and marketing platform exists regardless. Leveraging HubSpot through the Jumpstart grant program allowed us to seamlessly grow our reach, improve our conversion rates, and drastically transform our marketing and sales results without breaking the bank or overhauling our infrastructure. This launch demonstrates HubSpot’s willingness to grow with startups as they succeed, and that’s a huge win for companies like ours with significant plans for the next five years.”

For now, the program is relegated to US-based early stage startups who are working with (or recently graduated from) approved accelerator or incubator programs. The company anticipates making ongoing grants throughout the year and announcing recipients on a quarterly basis. Jumpstart program managers James Stone and Jon Sullivan noted: “At HubSpot, we’ve always been our own best customer, leveraging inbound tactics to grow our social media following, blog, and lead generation into a world-class operation. The Jumpstart initiative is a great chance for us to empower that same success with startups around the United States, and we hope to work with hundreds of companies in the upcoming year to help them succeed with Jumpstart and HubSpot.”

More information on the program, frequently asked questions, and the Jumpstart application can be found here:


Originally published Jun 5, 2014 9:25:09 AM, updated January 18 2023