HubSpot today announced the launch of Marketing Against The Grain, a new podcast that will be hosted by Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Kieran Flanagan, HubSpot’s SVP of Marketing. Marketing Against the Grain will be produced through HubSpot’s Podcast Network and will be published on a weekly basis, with a new episode airing every Tuesday. 

For marketers across industries, keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing is an essential part of ensuring that your core business strategy is best aligned with your customers’ goals and needs. Unlike other tactical marketing podcasts, Marketing Against the Grain takes listeners behind the scenes to hear how some of the world’s leading experts are thinking about what’s next in the space, bringing tangible value to marketers and leaders trying to navigate these trends and grow their businesses. 

“The B2B marketing and growth marketing spaces have changed so rapidly in recent years, and customers are expecting more transparency and authenticity from the companies they do business with, too,” said Bodnar. “It’s more important than ever to not only be actively thinking about today’s marketing trends, but to be able to predict where they might be headed next. With this podcast, I’m excited to bring what I’ve learned about this space to help business leaders increase their reach and attract new customers.”

The marketing strategies that Bodnar has implemented as HubSpot’s CMO, including HubSpot’s core inbound marketing philosophy, have helped the company grow to $1 billion in revenue. He has been published widely as a global expert in marketing and acts as an investor and advisor to SaaS companies who are looking to follow in HubSpot's footsteps as they scale.

As SVP of Marketing at HubSpot, Flanagan has helped the business grow internationally and move to a product-led business. In this role, he has quadrupled the company’s marketing demand and built out its media team, including last year’s acquisition of The Hustle. He is also an advisor and investor in early-stage companies.

Marketing Against the Grain is the latest show to join HubSpot’s quickly-growing Podcast Network, which recently announced the launch of its own Creators Program. HubSpot launched its Podcast Network last May, and it has since grown to include more than two dozen podcasts that cover business trends and topics for entrepreneurs across industries.

“From the outset, we’ve always thought of HubSpot’s Podcast Network as a destination for business leaders who are looking for valuable insights about how to brand and scale their companies. With our new show, Kipp and I are able to add our experiences with building high-growth companies alongside the talented creators that we’ve brought onto the network,” said Flanagan.

Each episode will be divided into three sections, including: the current trends and events in the space and the week’s biggest industry campaigns; what’s ahead, which will bring listeners up-to-speed on broader industry movements; and a discussion between the hosts (and sometimes a featured guest) about how marketers can apply these insights to their own campaigns and goals in moving their businesses forward. Guests will include industry experts like Mayur Gupta, CMSO at Gannett, and Alex Lieberman, Co-Founder of Morning Brew.

Follow Marketing Against the Grain now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere else you listen to podcasts.


Originally published Apr 5, 2022 9:00:00 AM, updated January 20 2023