HubSpot Names Jim O’Neill Chief People Officer

by JD Sherman


Apr 15, 2015 9:25:00 AM

Today we’re excited to announce that HubSpot has appointed Jim O’Neill as its first Chief People Officer. Jim has served as HubSpot’s CIO for the last 8 years and we’re thrilled that he has agreed to take on this new role.


Jim is not a traditional HR leader by any stretch.  He joined HubSpot in 2007, and since then has helped scale HubSpot from fewer than ten employees and a handful of customers to nearly 800 employees and more than 13,500 customers. During those years, he helped design and build HubSpot’s cloud infrastructure that powers the HubSpot product and our internal operations. He has also helped us build innovative, technology-based solutions to help make HubSpot a great place to work and preserve our unique culture even as we continue to see rapid growth.

In addition to his efforts within HubSpot, Jim is an active advisor for multiple tech startups and investment firms, the WPI Technical Advisors Network, and the Massachusetts state government in a variety of positions. His experience, both inside and outside of HubSpot, make him a natural leader for our culture and people operations efforts. He leads and thinks with scale in mind, and he’s an expert at using technology to deliver a meaningful impact to the business. Moreover, Jim embodies the characteristics that are most important at HubSpot -- humility, effectiveness, adaptability, remarkability, and transparency.

Thankfully, Jim’s built a great leadership team across IT, applications, and infrastructure, and I’m confident that we’ll keep our momentum as we look to hire a replacement for Jim as Chief Information Officer.

Written by JD Sherman

JD Sherman is HubSpot's Chief Operating Officer. Before HubSpot, he spent 6 years as Akamai's Chief Financial Officer, where he was responsible for finance, strategic planning, and corporate development.

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