IScdLIoosoDKZIBs7gcQDtvEezTdQnOBKTcUrtG1GJI-2Cambridge, MA: Today, G2 Crowd, a leading source of business technology reviews, released the Grid for Marketing Automation, a comprehensive report on marketing automation vendors, and inbound marketing software company HubSpot ranked #1 in customer satisfaction based on in-depth reviews from hundreds of users of marketing automation tools worldwide. HubSpot ranked ahead of Marketo, ExactTarget and Pardot, as well as over a dozen other marketing software providers.

Of the news, HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe noted, “HubSpot is proud to have over 9,000 customers globally who leverage our inbound marketing software platform to replace loud, interruptive marketing techniques with inbound marketing that is more personalized, efficient, and effective. G2 Crowd prioritizes real customer input and facilitates candid, honest, and real-time feedback on marketing technology solutions--that’s the kind of transparency we believe technology buyers deserve. The G2 Crowd #1 customer satisfaction ranking demonstrates the power of inbound marketing and the HubSpot platform. Customers who do inbound marketing using HubSpot are happier and more successful than companies using any traditional marketing automation systems because HubSpot is easy to use, powerfully efficient, and offers unmatched support to ensure customer success.”

Given the report’s emphasis on customer reviews and delight, below are examples of what our customers said about using HubSpot in G2’s review:

Richard L.: Incredibly intuitive interface makes using HubSpot a dream and puts to shame many competitors. Tweet this

Logan F.: The best thing about HubSpot is how micro we can get with segmentation. Tweet this

Tim Q.: You get >100 different tools at the same cost as some email marketing-only solutions. Tweet this

Jonathon E.: HubSpot is just easy to use...Analytics, keywords, social media all in one spot--just great. Tweet this

Carole M.: The support team at HubSpot is top notch for depth of knowledge and response rate. Tweet this

Mark P.: Quick and easy integration into provides the sales team useful info on leads. Tweet this

Stu S.: This is the first platform THAT DELIVERS on their promise. Tweet this

Originally published Jul 24, 2013 5:26:00 PM, updated August 06 2013