In 2010, HubSpot moved to the Davenport building at 25 First Street in Cambridge occupying just a handful of floors and open office areas. Since then, HubSpot’s facilities team has worked hard to renovate different areas of the 218,000 square- foot building, while keeping its natural beauty and preservation as a furniture factory constructed in 1860. To accommodate the company’s rapid growth, HubSpot is excited to announce several new additions to its Cambridge headquarters, including an updated lobby and guest experience-area, an expanded café, and an onsite smoothie bar for employees. 

Lobby with wall

“We’ve put a lot of thought and hard work into the Davenport building to provide our employees with a work environment that fosters collaboration, creativity and inclusivity,” said Ken Papa, Global Director of Real Estate & Facilities at HubSpot. “Some call it a lucky building, due to the success of the companies who have had occupied space in the Davenport throughout its time. We’re lucky to call it home to our global headquarters.” 

Innovative Lobby and Guest Experience 

With a mission to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, the new expanded lobby delivers an innovative and digital experience for candidates, customers, partners and visitors to learn more about HubSpot and our mission. Unique features include a sprocket-shaped front-desk in honor of HubSpot’s orange logo, an eye-catching 20-foot interactive LED video wall with artwork by Sue Yee, a product illustrator on the engineering team, speakers from HubSpot customer Danley Sound Labs, a sign with HubSpot’s mission of “Grow Better” in moss lettering, and a life size replica of the flywheel model. 

FrontDSC06181“We’re always looking for ways to use technology to tell the story of HubSpot and our culture in unexpected and interesting ways, and our new lobby allows us to communicate with people in different areas,” said Neal Piliavin, Director, Global Collaboration & Unified Communication at HubSpot. “To bring the brand to life even more, we intend to build a custom interactive installation that reacts to movement and showcases data visualizations and graphics that push the boundaries of HubSpot's aesthetic, and provides a stylish way to paint a full picture of the HubSpot brand and mission of growing better.” 

Collaborative Café 

To accommodate the growing number of employees working in HubSpot’s Cambridge headquarters, we doubled the size of the café and kitchen-area available to employees. Additional features were added such as a teaBOT, the self-serve personalized tea kiosk, refreshments and snacks, and booth and table seating for employees to enjoy lunch with colleagues. 

“We often hear from employees that one of the main reasons they love working at HubSpot is the people. That's why we make it a priority to have a collaborative and social work environment with spaces available for employees to hang out and build relationships with new colleagues,” said Sophie Hamersley, Culture PR manager at HubSpot. “Our new café, lobby and smoothie bar allows employees to do just that."


Healthy@HubSpot Smoothie Bar


At HubSpot, we want to afford everyone the opportunity to work the way they choose to work. Healthy@HubSpot is a company-wide initiative designed to help interested employees live healthier at work and beyond through office amenities, programming and benefits. Staying true to its mission to build a healthy office environment, the new Healthy@HubSpot Smoothie Bar offers signature smoothies to all employees. With four signature flavors, the smoothies are made to order with fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Smoothie bar 1As HubSpot grows and scales, one of our key focuses is putting customers first, not only within the departments that work with customers daily, but also making sure customers are ingrained in the company culture. As a way to ensure HubSpot employees, no matter what part of the business they work in, are keeping customers top of mind, the new Smoothie Bar offers a special flavor each quarter in honor of a customer or partner who truly embodies Growing Better with HubSpot. Colby Splaine, Program Manager for Healthy@HubSpot adds, “The goal was that as employees spend time in line for smoothies, they would be able to get to know one of our customers a bit better. It’s a fun way to profile our customers and create a featured flavor for them each quarter.” 

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Photos taken by Sandalwood Photo Co. 

Originally published Aug 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM, updated January 19 2023