HSATW_logoHubSpotting Around the World is a new initiative inviting marketers everywhere to share photos, videos, and stories to show us how far inbound marketing can travel. With customers in 56 countries worldwide, over 100 partner agencies outside the United States, and a European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, HubSpot works with inbound marketers in every corner of the world and we are excited to connect this global community with the simple question "Where in the world do you HubSpot?"

We'll be visiting David Meerman Scott in Antarctica, HubSpotters in Costa Rica, and partners in Australia, and the best part is, there's no travel time required.  By following the hashtag #hubspotting on our Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, you can see where in the world HubSpotters are sharing inbound marketing with their community, tell us where you HubSpot, and learn a little bit more about marketing in different countries around the globe. See, inbound marketing can transcend language, distance, and cultural discrepancies. A great example of this is Julie Vetter's experience as a HubSpot Partner, with Hoi Moon Marketing, in Paris, France. Julie has the unique opportunity to share lovable marketing in the most romantic city in the world, and though there can be cultural barriers when introducing new audiences to inbound marketing, she's found that HubSpot establishes a common ground that people everywhere understand. Get a glimpse of how inbound marketing connects people worldwide in the SlideShare below:

Now, it's your turn. Tweet at @HubSpot with the hashtag #hubspotting to let us know where you HubSpot and we'll take the inbound community on a little trip to visit your country. Or, feel free to email us with photos, videos, or questions. Thank you for tuning in and for taking HubSpot global!

Originally published Dec 16, 2013 9:35:00 AM, updated February 18 2014