Get ready to reinvent: Introducing Spotlight, with an all-new Service Hub and 100+ product updates from HubSpot

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We’re showcasing the new Service Hub and Content Hub, major updates to Commerce Hub, new HubSpot AI features, and 100+ product updates to power SMB reinvention

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From economic downturns to the rise of new social channels, businesses have to pivot with the times, all the time. But the AI era is different. SMBs are operating in a new reality, and it requires more than just adapting to change. It requires reinvention. 

As the customer platform, HubSpot helps SMBs see around the corner. We build products that transform customer-facing teams to drive business growth. That’s exactly why we’re introducing Spotlight. Twice a year, we’ll highlight our latest innovations to help SMBs win. 

"Marketing, sales, and service teams are going through a major shift as technology and customer expectations evolve. If these customer-facing teams don't have the right tools, businesses won't grow," said Andy Pitre, Executive Vice President of Product at HubSpot. "Right now, innovation happens in days, not years. It’s a huge opportunity for SMBs, but keeping up with the pace of innovation can be daunting. That's why we've launched Spotlight: to make it easy for our customers to take advantage of everything that HubSpot has built for their reinvention."

All-new Service Hub turns CX teams into revenue drivers

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Customer experience is broken. After the purchase, most customers won’t hear from a business until there’s an issue. This reactive approach isn’t working, and SMBs need to double down on keeping existing customers happy since we know acquiring a new one can be up to 25 times more expensive.* This is one of the many reasons a business’s customer support and success teams play such a critical role in the bottom line. So why has the industry seen so little innovation?

At HubSpot, we’re not only focusing on customer experience (CX), we’re connecting service with marketing and sales, and turning service teams from cost centers to revenue drivers. The all-new Service Hub, powered by HubSpot AI, is the only solution that brings together support and success for the first time, so CX leaders can scale support and drive retention.

To help CX leaders scale support, Service Hub now includes:

  • Help Desk Workspace: A workspace for reps to unlock productivity with an at-a-glance view of everything that matters most — from real-time ticket updates to omnichannel conversations — plus the ability to organize, search, and filter for improved discovery.
  • Tools for businesses to scale support: 
    • Advanced SLAs for better, more complex reporting and operations.
    • Robust routing tools to ensure tickets go to the right reps at the right time.
    • Workforce management settings and APIs to set user availability, working hours, and skills.

To help success teams drive retention, Service Hub now includes:

  • Customer Success Workspace: For the first time, and available in beta, we’re giving success teams a home in HubSpot. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) can manage their entire book of business in one place with actionable insights and custom segments. The workspace includes:
    • Account activity & pipelines specific to each CSM’s portfolio for easy access to the most important information.
    • Customer health scores so CSMs can identify churn risk, prioritize outreach, and address needs proactively.
    • Product usage integrations with essential apps like Pendo, Amplitude, Segment or HubSpot's Custom Events API.

And Service Hub features over a dozen AI-powered tools, including:

  • GPT-powered Chatbot Powered by HubSpot AI for 24/7 support, freeing up reps to focus on complex issues.
  • Real-time Reply Recommendations Powered by HubSpot AI and Conversation Summaries Powered by HubSpot AI to speed up time to resolution, including multilingual support. Powered by HubSpot AI
  • Suggested next steps Powered by HubSpot AI to help reps take action after customer calls. 

“With Service Hub, our reps hit the ground running thanks to a complete view of the customer journey,” said Jennifer Cummings, Sr. Director, Customer Engagement at Kaplan. “Since bringing our marketing, sales, and service teams together on HubSpot, it's completely removed the guesswork for our leaders, giving them visibility and confidence that customers are getting what they need, quickly.”

To learn more about Service Hub, visit the Hub overview.


We’re reinventing content marketing… again: Introducing Content Hub

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Today, customers are everywhere. Their purchase path is fragmented across multiplying channels, and marketers are left facing two major challenges: reach and relevance. And while marketing continues to be the primary driver for a B2B business’s ROI, the bar is rising: They need to efficiently meet customers wherever they are, and do it with quality content that’s on brand and valuable. In fact, over half of content marketers are struggling to meet demands.** On average, they’re being tasked with producing five different types of content, and switching between five different tools to do it.***

HubSpot gave marketers a better way to grow when we invented inbound marketing — and now we’re doing it again. Content Hub is the all-in-one content marketing solution, powered by HubSpot AI, to create and manage content across the entire customer journey.

Content Hub includes: 

  • AI Content Creation Powered by HubSpot AI to make quality multilingual content creation simple — from generating ideas, to writing blog posts, to creating images.
  • Content Remix Powered by HubSpot AI to easily create a full pipeline of content based on a single asset. Sixty-five percent of marketers agree that this is exactly the kind of tool marketers need.***
  • Brand Voice Powered by HubSpot AI to define and generate content that has a consistent brand voice — from blogs, to social, to email.
  • Audio tooling to create, host, and distribute Podcasts Powered by HubSpot AI and Post Narration Powered by HubSpot AI to turn text into audio for better content accessibility.
  • Members Blog and Gated Content Library to manage content, offer premium content, and easily capture leads.

To learn more about Content Hub, visit the Hub overview.


Commerce Hub goes global with Stripe partnership

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B2B commerce is disconnected. And it’s making one of the most important aspects of growing a business — conversion — way harder than it should be. Commerce Hub unites commerce with the rest of the go-to-market teams, so that B2B buyers can purchase whenever and however they want. 

Now, we’re giving more SMBs unified commerce by bringing Commerce Hub to HubSpot’s free users, and we’re taking Commerce Hub global in partnership with Stripe to give more businesses local payment methods and multicurrency capabilities. HubSpot customers can use Stripe’s Financial Connections to offer payments with bank accounts, and Stripe Payment Element, part of the optimized checkout suite, will enable customers to display the most relevant payment methods based on their device type, location, language, and other factors.

Commerce Hub includes:

  • Enhanced tools to manage invoices, subscriptions, and payment schedules.
  • Local payment methods to deliver a flexible checkout experience using either credit card or bank transfer. 
  • New Quickbooks integration that supports 2-way sync for invoices and payments to enable finance and accounting teams.
  • New API for payments, invoices, and subscriptions to easily extend the power of Commerce Hub.

To learn more about Commerce Hub, visit the Hub overview.

Learn more about these launches and the over 100 updates we’ve made across the customer platform at

*Harvard Business Review
***HubSpot proprietary research on content marketing tools

Originally published Mar 25, 2024 9:09:00 AM, updated April 24 2024


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