Track Your Team's Learning & Development with the HubSpot Academy Learning Center

by Eric Peters


Feb 28, 2017 8:30:00 AM

HubSpot Academy certification holders can look forward to taking their next course in HubSpot’s new Learning Center, a central learning and development experience built into the HubSpot marketing and sales platform. Teams can now track each other’s progress as they complete (and compete) to achieve HubSpot Academy certifications in inbound marketing, inbound sales, email marketing, content marketing, as well has HubSpot marketing and sales tools.


By the end of 2016, HubSpot Academy doubled its course catalogue with new certifications for sales professionals, and more advanced certifications for email and content marketers. Over 50,000 professionals are actively certified by HubSpot Academy, serving HubSpot users and HubSpot Agency Partners as a free learning and development tool for onboarding their employees. Job seekers, freelancers, and digital marketers make up the majority of the certified community, using HubSpot Academy’s ‘free and open to all’ certifications to level-up their resume, and highlight their inbound marketing and sales skills.

“Members of our certified community are some of the biggest advocates of the inbound movement.” explains Sarah Bedrick, Leader of the HubSpot Academy Certification Program. “As a result, the Inbound Certification has become a globally recognized symbol of creating remarkable marketing and sales experiences, and we’re humbled to see companies train their teams, hire and onboard new employees, and even teach these courses in college classrooms. This update to the learning experience aims to support all of these activities and provide a world-class learning experience for our students, whether they’re using HubSpot tools or not.”  

To take a tour of the new HubSpot Academy Learning Center, click here while you’re logged into HubSpot, or register for a free certifications portal of your own.

Written by Eric Peters

Eric is a growth marketer responsible for driving user acquisition for HubSpot Academy. He's passionate about building and scaling marketing programs for technologies that can change the world and make a difference in people's lives. Eric came to HubSpot with a background in technology entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and growth-stage startups.

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