This was an internal post sent to all HubSpot employees from HubSpot CEO, Yamini Rangan, on November 1, 2023.

Hi team, I’m thrilled to announce that HubSpot has signed an agreement to acquire Clearbit

Clearbit was founded in 2014 and has made it its mission to collect amazingly rich and useful data about millions of companies – and build cutting-edge software to keep it up to date and track buying signals across the web. They think like we do – they Solve For The Customer.  

HubSpot’s platform combined with Clearbit’s data creates a powerful, winning combination. It takes our customer platform to an unparalleled level. 

Let’s dig into some details. 

How does this acquisition advance our customer platform vision?

Our vision is to give millions of companies the best possible insights about their customers on our platform. Today, we are pretty darn good at it. We pull in data from marketing emails, sales calls, support tickets, website interactions, and more. We unify all that data on a beautiful, simple, customer record. This is arguably the biggest advantage with HubSpot. But there’s more data out there that can make our customers even better at connecting with their customers. 

Imagine having data on over 20 million companies right inside the HubSpot platform. Not just the usual data, like company name and employee count, but over 100 rich attributes about those companies including demographic data like who their CIO is and technographic data like which marketing automation products they use.

Imagine the value we could create for our customers if we helped them easily find great-fit prospects across those 20 million companies using data about their existing customers in the HubSpot Smart CRM.

Now, imagine that once prospects’ and customers’ data are in HubSpot, our platform actively monitors those customers for buying intents. Not just based on direct engagements within the HubSpot platform, but also based on customers’ activities outside of HubSpot and around the web. And, when it’s time to reach out, imagine using generative A.I. powered by all of this rich data to create personal messages. That will be possible with Clearbit and HubSpot. 

When we bring A.I., unified customer data, and our customer platform together, we supercharge our customers’ go-to-market. That’s how we help our customers grow better and create deeper connections with their customers.

Exciting, right?  It’s the kind of thing that would make our customers and partners jump out of their chairs and say…YES! And give us a virtual high-five. 

Why Clearbit?

Simple - they have world-class data and share our commitment to helping customers grow better. We can build something game changing together.

Clearbit has rich and broad customer data. They have over 100+ firmographic, demographic, and technographic attributes for every company with a website. Clearbit’s data for more than 20M companies and 500M decision makers comes from a lot of sources: 250+ public and private data sources including social profiles, company websites, legal filings and crowdsourcing. 

Clearbit has a deep bench of B2B data experts. Clearbit’s CEO and CTO, Matt and Harlow, have a bold mission to leverage AI to power customer insights and are passionate about data. In all our conversations with Clearbit, it was clear that the team will be a great addition to our culture. 

Clearbit data will provide immediate value for our customers. With some acquisitions, you need to cobble products together, which often creates a disjointed experience for customers. This isn't one of those. We already use Clearbit data in our product. They already have a HubSpot integration. That means customers will start getting value quickly. 

So, what next?

We just announced that we have signed a deal to acquire Clearbit. We will need to wait for the deal to officially close, which could take up to a few months. Clearbit will remain available as a standalone product once the acquisition is complete. Over time, we will integrate Clearbit into HubSpot's offering. 

We have an ambitious vision of building a large and enduring business by combining the power of HubSpot's platform with a rich dataset that can help scaling companies reach more customers–and we are in a great position to deliver on this vision.

We can't wait to welcome Clearbit to HubSpot and to build an even better data foundation to help our customers grow better!

If you're a HubSpot customer and want to stay updated on Clearbit developments, please check out this page.

Originally published Nov 1, 2023 9:00:00 AM, updated November 02 2023