ellie mirman headshotIt's my pleasure to announce the May 2011 HubSpotter of the Month, Ellie Mirman! Recently named to DMNews' Thirty Under 30 list of the best and brightest young direct marketers, Ellie is a HubSpot veteran and certainly one of the most versatile HubSpotters on the team.

Read on to learn more about Ellie as our latest addition to the HubSpotter of the Month lineup!

May 2011 HubSpotter of the Month: Ellie Mirman

Title at HubSpot: Product Marketing Manager 

Describe your role at HubSpot: My role has changed many times at HubSpot! I was a long-time member of the marketing team, working on everything from lead generation to email marketing to event marketing to blogging. As the second marketer (after our CMO) to join the HubSpot team, I've done a bit of everything and launched a number of programs that are key for us today, including our webinar series, email marketing program, free product trial, and experimental sales channels.

Recently, I moved to the R&D team to work more closely with the development team in figuring out how to build tools that marketers such as myself would use. I also work on a cross-functional team focusing on increasing usage and lead conversion among our free product trial users.

How long have you been working at HubSpot? Since September, 2007

What is your favorite thing about working at HubSpot? My favorite part about working at HubSpot is, by far, the people. They are the smartest, most passionate and fun people I know. They make you excited to get up and go to work in the morning, then go out and grab a drink after work, then go home thinking about how you're going to change the world together.

I also love the opportunities to continuously learn at HubSpot. We give everyone the opportunity to jump into any project and even encourage people to take on new challenges whenever possible. It's no coincidence that I've had so many roles during my 3.5 years at HubSpot -- we truly value learning here and give everyone the opportunity to have their voice heard, learn about different projects, and run with their own ideas.

Hidden Talent: Mishearing song lyrics. I try to not let on, and that's probably why I thought the lyrics were "Hold me closer, Tony Danza" until a few years ago.

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Teleportation. I love exploring new and interesting places, but hate the time and trouble required to get there.

What is your best, random bit of advice for inbound marketers out there? Start now and test, test, test. There's no such thing as a perfect marketing campaign. The key to success is trying out different strategies and seeing which work for you. You learn so much by doing, and you lose out on opportunities every second that you hesitate. As we like to say around HubSpot, you could spend forever getting "ready-er" -- why not do something today and learn from it?

What are your hobbies outside of HubSpot? I've always been a fan of artsy activities, but these days that usually translates into going to as many craft fairs as possible to support local artists as well as my handmade jewelry addiction. I also do truly love marketing and startups and love to get involved in those activities outside of HubSpot. I am the program coordinator for Founder Mentors, a Boston-based organization that matches new entrepreneurs with experienced founder mentors.

What is your favorite tool in the HubSpot software, and why? Landing pages. It's a ridiculously simple and powerful tool. It is the thing that lets me capture leads on the website, and it takes just a matter of minutes to have a landing page ready for a new campaign. 

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On-Demand Webinar: Optimizing 60 Landing Pages in 60 Minutes

On-Demand Webinar: Optimizing 60 Landing Pages in 60 Minutes

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