You have a new piece of content to share.  

You could...

  • Create a UTM parameter for your link, 
  • Go to a link shortener
  • Log into Twitter, tweet it out.
  • Log into Facebook, post it.
  • Log into Linked in, share it. 
  • Then go back and do it all again each day you want it promoted. 

OR you could use HubSpot and save yourself a boat-load of time.  

HubSpot is happy to announce the addition of Social Media Publishing to its marketing software. HubSpot Social Media Publishing lets users create, send or schedule posts for multiple social media accounts all at once. It also provides a single view of published items and items that are scheduled to be published.  

Social Media Publishing Screenshot

In addition to enabling HubSpot users to schedule out tweets far in advance and mange multiple accounts at once, the Social Media Publishing app is fully integrated into HubSpot analytics so users can measure the number of leads and customers that have been generated by social media without needing UTM parameters or any additional tracking on the shared links.  

Social Media Publishing is currently available to all HubSpot customers and integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. 

To learn more, visit the product detail page or request a demo.

tutorial for HubSpot customers can be found here

Originally published Feb 2, 2012 8:34:00 AM, updated January 17 2023


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