HubSpot’s free app for iPhone is an easy way to bring the power of your HubSpot with you anywhere. You’ll be able to view and manage your marketing efforts on the go with our powerful, integrated app. Never again be away from your most important marketing data. 

HubSpot Mobile App

Hold the rich data from your HubSpot in the palm of your hand

When HubSpot met iPhone, there was instant chemistry. Hubspot's app allows you to view and analyze how your marketing efforts are performing across your most important channels with mobile-friendly versions of your favorite HubSpot tools.

  • Track your current month’s progress for generating visits and leads by viewing your Dashboard. Easily compare this month's progress with last month's, an average of the past 3 months, or this month last year.
  • Analyze which marketing campaigns for your site, blog, social media accounts, and email campaigns are producing the best results by viewing your Sources data. Toggle between visits, leads, and customers to see how prospects are moving down your sales funnel.
  • Run a Marketing Grader report to see how your marketing is performing across key areas. Based on this informaton, you'll see a detailed list of recommendations for improving your grade.

View leads in real time to connect with your prospects faster

Connect with your leads immediately, or forward them over to your sales team. With HubSpot's iPhone app, you don't need to wait for your meeting to end to follow up with your hottest prospects. 

  • Get iPhone push notifications for new leads as they come in. You'll be alerted of new leads even if the app isn't open.
  • Easily review and forward leads to your sales reps. All of the information you love from HubSpot's Lead Intelligence is integrated with the app so you can immediately identify your hottest prospects.
  • Connect with leads through our integration with your phone and email apps. You'll be able to call your leads or send them an email with the push of a button.

Accomplish your marketing tasks from anywhere

Take HubSpot with you everywhere to get marketing done from anywhere. HubSpot is now portable for your marketing convenience.  

  • Create notes in your lead records to provide your sales reps with important information on the lead. You'll be able to give them everything they need to close deals faster.   
  • Share your Marketing Grader report easily with colleagues.
  • Manage multiple HubSpot accounts in one place. 

Download HubSpot's free iPhone app to bring the power of HubSpot with you today. Android user? You can find your HubSpot Andoird app here.

HubSpot iPhone App

Originally published Aug 29, 2012 11:08:00 AM, updated January 17 2023