In June, HubSpot added "suggested times" to its social media publishing tool. Based on original research from HubSpot's Dan Zarrella, these suggested times were built to give users a framework for sharing social content at the most optimal time for generating engagement and clicks. But if there's one thing we've learned from working with 7,000+ companies, it's that no two social media experiences are alike.

That's why beginning today, HubSpot customers will be able to edit their own "suggested times" to better reflect their individual experiences with what works for their companies. To edit your suggested times for publishing social media content just go to "Compose Message" in the social media publishing tool. In the right column of this screen, you'll see the option to edit your publishing schedule.

From there you can set up whatever schedule works best for you. You can even check an option to vary the publishing times by an odd number of minutes -- up to 10 minutes here or there -- so that your posts don't come across as overly automated. It's all part of our ongoing work to help our customers create marketing people will love.

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The ability to edit your own suggested times is just one of a whole slew of new enhancements and features we've added to the HubSpot social media tool in the last month. On August 29, HubSpot unveiled an entirely new Social Contacts tool as part of the HubSpot 3 launch.

Social Contacts integrates with HubSpot's contacts database to:

  • Show you who from your contacts is clicking on your social shares
  • Display social activity and follower count in the contacts database, and
  • Enable users to create "smart" segments of social media influencers for announcements and brand evangelism.

Customers can check out the new social media enhancements in their HubSpot accounts under Content, then Social Media. Not a HubSpot customer?  Get a personalized demo of Social Contacts and HubSpot's approach to Social Media.

Originally published Sep 17, 2012 2:46:00 PM, updated January 17 2023


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