New Competitor Detail Pages Help You Keep Tabs On Your Competitors

by Juliette Kopecky


Dec 19, 2012 10:56:00 AM

Here at HubSpot, we know how much you love crushing your competition. To help you track your competitors across key marketing metrics, we’ve introduced new Competitor Detail pages as part of the Competitors app. Your Competitor Detail page shows you a head-to-head comparison and trends across key factors such as Marketing Grade, unique visitors, traffic rank, and social media following, as well as a snapshot of recent content that your competitor has published. 

HubSpot Competitor Detail Page resized 600

By using the head-to-head comparison, you can easily get a summary of specific strengths and areas for improvement against individual competitors. The trends graphc along the right is customizable by metric so that you can track your progress over time. Across the bottom, you'll find recent tweets and blog posts from your competitor, allowing you to track what they're posting and when.

You can access the Competitor Detail page for any competitor by clicking on their name in the Competitors app. This feature is available to all HubSpot customers at all product levels today.  

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