The communication preferences page is where email recipients land when they click "unsubscribe" or "update communication preferences" in any email sent through HubSpot.  In addition to a standard opt-out, this page gives readers the option to narrow down the types of emails they get from a company rather than opting-out completely. HubSpot announced today that users can now customize the way their communication preferences page looks, adding images, text, surveys or other elements to make the most of that interaction.  

The benefits of giving subscribers more than one opt-out option are clear.  It can allow subscribers to focus in on what really interests them and save marketers from an unnecessary opt-out.  Adding the ability to customize this page however creates additional opportunities: 

  • Add a short survey: Opt-outs should be learning experiences for marketers. Customize your preferences page to include a short form asking viewers for their reasons for unsubscribing.  Then take that data to improve your email marketing.
  • Add images or videos: No one said break-ups had to be nasty. Warm up the opt-out experience with an image or video that might even make your reader reconsider.  One of the most famous recent examples of this is Groupon's Punnish Derrick Video. We're betting HubSpot users can come up with some even wittier ideas. (If you do, let us know).
  • Include useful text: Rather than losing people after they've updated their preferences, leverage your opt-out page to redirect viewers into something productive. Maybe they aren't into emails but would like to check out your blog. Take the opportunity to try to re-engage your readers in something new. 
  • Change the language: You can customize your communications preferences page to change the primary language to that most commonly spoken by your subscribers. Have a global subscriber base? Include instructions in more than one language. 

Changing your communications preferences page is as easy and fairly quick.  Just use the template builder to design the page how you'd like it, then update the default subscription page in the email settings.  You can view detailed documentation here.

Not a HubSpot customer?  Learn more about HubSpot email software or get some tips on how to reduce email unsubscribes in any email system.

Originally published Jan 2, 2013 12:34:00 PM, updated January 17 2023