HubSpot Predicts New England Patriots Win Super Bowl XLII Based on Geeky Internet Marketing Data and Not on Performance

by Mike Volpe


Jan 29, 2008 10:45:00 AM


News Facts
    • Using Internet marketing data to make a prediction, HubSpot predicts that the New England Patriots will beat the New York Giants at Super Bowl XLII. This predication has nothing to do with the Patriots record-breaking regular season or the Giants' remarkable run in the playoffs, because past performance rarely impacts future results.
    • HubSpot's executives are nearly all MIT alumni, which is why the Company is betting based on cold hard numbers-Internet statistics and how many people link and discuss the Patriots online, rather than Tom Brady and Randy Moss' record-breaking results this season.
    • HubSpot's theory on who will win the Super Bowl is similar to how Las Vegas picks the spread - simple popularity. In layman terms, HubSpot is predicting and betting on the Patriots winning the Super Bowl simply because of how popular they are all over the Internet. And online, being popular is all that matters.
    • Want the data to prove that people love to talk about the Patriots more than the Giants online? Well, HubSpot's marketing tool, Website Grader, performed an analysis on both the Patriots Website and the Giants Website and revealed that based on every major Internet marketing metric, the Patriots will win against the Giants.
    • The data pulled from HubSpot's Website Grader shows the number of people bookmarking the Patriots, linking to the Patriots and visiting the Patriots Website outnumbers those for the Giants' website. According to HubSpot:
  • The Patriots have 35 percent more bookmarks.
  • The Patriots have 125 percent more inbound links - over 450,000 web pages link to New England's Website.
  • The Patriots also have a much higher traffic rank than the Giants, indicating they are getting a lot more website traffic.
    • Not only are the Patriots undefeated in the NFL, but they are also topping the Google charts.
  • For the search terms "Superbowl Champion", "Superbowl Champions", "Super Bowl Champion" and "Super Bowl Champions" is on the first page of Google results and is not even ranked.
  • The Patriots also have a higher Google Page Rank than the Giants.
  • HubSpot does not have any relationship or affiliation with the NFL, any NFL team or the Super Bowl. NFL and Super Bowl are trademarks of the National Football League, team names are trademarks of their respective teams. HubSpot is just a bunch of Internet marketing geeks who think it's cool that Internet marketing data appears to have predictive value in professional football.

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Quotes, attributable to Mike Volpe, VP, Marketing, HubSpot

"The Patriots are beating the Giants on every metric from traffic, to bookmarks, to the number of inbound links. Clearly the Internet community thinks the Patriots are the better team, and we really think this predicts the outcome of the game. HubSpot is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but our Super Bowl prediction is not biased, I swear! We are a very data-driven marketing company and we do not come to conclusions lightly."

"These Internet marketing statistics really do have predictive power. I am sure there will be some criticism from folks thinking that the Internet has nothing to do with whether or not the Pats will win. They might be right, actually. But if Las Vegas can predict a winner based on what is essentially a popularity contest - how many people are betting on each team - then I think that our prediction is just as valid. If you look at the statistics for the NFL's worst team, the Miami Dolphins, who only won one game this year, they're way behind both the Giants and the Patriots on all the Internet marketing metrics. In fact, the Dolphins' Internet marketing stats are terrible, just like their record this year."

"Bill Belichick is known to be a coach obsessed with statistics and measurability. Clearly that attitude permeates the entire Patriots organization as they are methodically ruling every Internet marketing statistic the same way they have dominated the NFL this year."

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