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  • BreakingPoint Systems, based in Austin, TX, provides performance and security testing equipment that helps network equipment manufacturers, services providers, and other organizations accelerate the development of high performance content-aware networks and network devices. BreakingPoint was looking to incorporate an Internet marketing program that would help it raise awareness and start a dialogue with potential customers.
  • Pam O'Neal, vice president of marketing at BreakingPoint Systems, was tasked with assembling a collaborative marketing and social media team and establishing BreakingPoint Systems as a leader in its market. Once the team was in place, BreakingPoint Systems needed to build its brand, create a community of network engineers and start engaging with its prospects which consist of major network service providers, network equipment companies, government agencies and large enterprises.
  • O'Neal worked with HubSpot in her former job and knew HubSpot would be able to help BreakingPoint Systems. Taking advantage of HubSpot's Internet marketing system, BreakingPoint determined the appropriate keywords that would resonate with their target audience, optimized their website and began an aggressive link-building program.
  • Checking statistics weekly and using Website Grader allows BreakingPoint Systems to quickly see what they needed to do to make their website more findable by potential customers. After implementing several Internet marketing and PR programs, BreakingPoint Systems has seen the following results:
  • Narrowed their original keyword list from 150 to 12 highly relevant keywords -- six high volume and six long tail -- for their initial SEO efforts
  • Increased monthly web unique visitor traffic by 326 percent in just five months
  • Reduced their brand to non-brand search ratio from 2.47:1 to 1.71:1
  • Had a 300 percent increase in leads from the web since March
  • Have two high volume search words that are consistently in the top five Google listings
  • Three long tail keywords are rated number one in Google; two are in the top 10 and one other is in the top 15
  • HubSpot offers an inbound marketing system that integrates SEO, blogging, social media and marketing analytics to help customers drive traffic to their websites and capture more leads using Internet marketing.

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Quote, attributable to Brian Halligan, CEO and founder, HubSpot

"BreakingPoint Systems is ahead of the curve when it comes to inbound marketing. They understand that to grow their business they need to build a robust Internet marketing program -- namely, they need to make sure prospects will come across their website."

Quote, attributable to Pam O'Neal, VP of Marketing, BreakingPoint Systems

"Our audience, more than most, doesn't want to be sold to. They don't respond to advertising and traditional marketing methods. So, we need to be there when they are searching for testing products. With that in mind, we have been able to reach our potential customers by using HubSpot's inbound marketing system for SEO. HubSpot helped us quickly optimize our site and secure top Google rankings which has boosted traffic and inbound leads."

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Originally published Oct 1, 2008 12:39:00 PM, updated January 17 2023