Foosball Grader Makes Its Public Debut

by Pamela Vaughan


Jan 15, 2009 2:41:00 PM

First there was Website Grader.  Then we brought you Press Release Grader.  Finally, we introduced Twitter Grader, proving just how passionate HubSpot is about everything analytics.

As if you didn't think we analyzed everything enough, HubSpot now presents Foosball Grader, the newest manifestation of HubSpot's analytical obsession. 

While HubSpotters work around the clock to bring their customers the most innovative marketing products and tools, it goes without saying that all work and no play would make HubSpot a dull company.  The famous HubSpot foosball table, acquired only five months ago, provides exactly what hardworking HubSpot employees need to temporarily purge the constant images of code dancing in their heads (and maybe even shed some of that unwanted poundage gained from the yummy baked goods of HubSpot bakers, Karen Rubin and Dan Abdinoor).

Of course, in typical HubSpot fashion, it was only after a couple of weeks of foosball action that the overwhelming desire for foosball analytics kicked in.  Thus, Foosball Grader was born.  The tool's code was written one weekend after several HubSpotters had been joking about the need for a more organized foosball tracking system.  Creator Owen Raccuglia took matters into his own hands and created Foosball Grader, which monitors details of the last five games played in addition to players' win percentage, win streak and total wins, games, goals and own goals to generate players' personal Foosball Grades. 

Currently, there are five very active players, each with at least 100 games under his belt.  But there is no doubt about it - while Prashant Kaw is trailing closely behind, Todd Garland is dominating with what Owen calls a "vicious 10-game winning streak."

So just how often do HubSpotters take a foosball break?  "That depends on the degree to which we're frustrated [with all those dancing lines of code]," says Owen.

Can Prashant make a comeback and match Todd's 61% win percentage, or will Todd continue to dominate the stats?  Interested in tracking the progress of HubSpot foosball action?  Check out  

 A riveting game of HubSpot foosball.

Click here to watch more HubSpot foosball action on YouTube.

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