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About halfway through today's HubSpot.tv, a man walked into the audience and introduced himself to our CEO, Brian Halligan:

The man: "Hi, I'm MC Hammer."

Brian: "Yeah and I'm Larry Bird." 

Turns out it was MC Hammer (@MCHammer). Here's the video: 

Click here to watch his full interview on HubSpot TV.

So how did MC Hammer end up at HubSpot? Earlier in the day, I noticed MC Hammer tweeting about being at the Mandarin Oriental hotel and talking to someone who is in Boston. Sensing an opportunity I tweeted to him that it was cool meeting him at the Shorty Awards and asking if he was in Boston. He replied that he was, but that he was leaving in a few hours. I responded that he should swing by the HubSpot offices for a visit, but figured that he wouldn't have time since he had an early evening flight.

After the success we had with Tweeting at Deval Patrick to come by the offices, I asked my coworkers to also mention that he should stop by, and Mike Volpe mentioned that he was friends with MC Hammer's partner in DanceJam. After that I just kind of forgot about it, assuming that he had already left or was about to leave Boston.

Towards the end of HubSpot.tv Rick Burnes motioned (rather wildly) at Mike and Karen to try to tell them that Hammer was in fact here. They said they couldn't see past the lights we have setup for the show and Rick yelled out "MC Hammer is here". Much excitement ensued and he walked up onto the set for a surprise visit.

After he left I talked to one of the security guys in our building and he told me that when Hammer walked in, he said, "You look like the real MC Hammer!" Because of how casually he had come to our office, it was pretty hard to believe that the "real MC Hammer" had stopped by.

Everyone here was very impressed with Hammer's knowledge of social media and internet technology and the off-the-cuff interview was amazing. You can watch the entire episode of HubSpot TV at HubSpot.tv or in iTunes.

Originally published Feb 20, 2009 6:23:00 PM, updated January 17 2023


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