If your sales team is like most, it's not easy getting good leads on the phone.

Marketing provides you with fantastic leads, you call to qualify them, but you miss them. You call again, but you miss them again. 

And again. 

It gets frustrating.

As of this week, HubSpot Marketer customers have a simple way to cut down on missed connections: HubSpot's new lead visit alerts feature.

Now, when one of your leads comes back to your site, HubSpot will immediately send you an email to let you know. That means you'll be able to call those great leads while they're on your site, ready to find out more about your company.

HubSpot's lead management tools have always allowed you to see which pages your leads are visiting. With this new feature you'll get that information IN REAL TIME.

The long and the short of all this: Your sales team can now spend more time closing and less time calling.

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Originally published Mar 6, 2009 1:22:00 PM, updated January 17 2023


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