On Wednesday - for the first time - we co-hosted an 8 Hour Internet Marketing Workshop with the Worcester Chamber of Commerce, Yes! MediaWorksand 5 Local HubSpot Partners: WakeFly, Pagetender, Garfield Group, Precision Marketing & Backbone Media.

HubSpotter's Kyle James, Jennifer Snyder, Brian Thorne and Peter Caputa(that's me) were joined by 50+ attendees including a bunch of HubSpot customers too, who were there for a refresher course and some added inbound marketing motivation. 

We covered the A to Z of inbound marketing including SEO, Social Media, Blogging for Business, Video Blogging, Lead Generation, Landing Pages, Permission-Based Email Marketing and of course, Analytics.

We also answered a lot of questions and even got to dive into a free trial of HubSpot's software to show people that this stuff doesn't need to be as hard as it usually is. 

Many landing pages were built, Twitter profiles were created and hash tags exercised, long tail keywords were discovered, and even.... a video blog was produced and published.

Armed with the knowledge of what kind of time and financial investment it takes to be a successful inbound marketer, most attendees are already speaking with a HubSpot Inbound Marketing Specialist about how to turn their website into a lead generation machine.

As promised to the attendees, the slides are below. 

An audio recording with notes is also available, compliments of one of our attendees, Paul Nelson.

Photos from the day are on flickr

What city should we visit next?

Originally published May 15, 2009 11:05:00 AM, updated January 17 2023