HubSpotters Experiment with a Different Kind of Java

by Pamela Vaughan


May 19, 2009 10:00:00 AM

It's no surprise that many HubSpotters are fiddling with java all day long, which makes it an even bigger no-brainer that they love their java in liquid form as well -- coffee, that is!

However, it is surprising that for a long time, HubSpotters have been sipping a blend of java that is actually their least favorite.

Recently, Dougan Sherwood of the Cambridge Innovation Center (AKA HubSpot's home), initiated a blind coffee taste test at HubSpot headquarters to determine which blend of coffee is the most popular among HubSpotters. 

HubSpot CIC Coffee Tasting
HubSpotters test a new kind of java.

The experiment included four different blends of coffee: Peru, Amazonia, Colombian Light and Mexican Dark.  HubSpotters were asked each to rank each blend on a scale of 1 to 3 (1 being most desirable).  Taste testers were unaware, but the Peru blend was HubSpot's coffee blend until then.

Curious to know which blend is preferred by HubSpotters?  According to Dougan's test, HubSpotters' preferred blend of java is (drumroll, please) ... AMAZONIA!  

Interestingly enough, HubSpot's former blend, Peru, did not receive a single ranking of 1, yet multiple rankings of 3 during the experiment.  

Thanks to CIC's taste test, now HubSpotters can enjoy a better cup of joe while they fiddle with their java.

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