The Dev Team is Blogging!

by Pamela Vaughan


Jun 25, 2009 2:41:00 PM

Ever wonder what goes through the mind of a HubSpot developer?  Maybe you didn't before, but now that I've just piqued your curiosity, you should check out the HubSpot Dev Blog!

As VP Engineering Yoav Shapira notes in the blog's introductory post, "[The] blog is a place for HubSpot developers to riff about any technical topics of interest. You might find tech product reviews, coding tips, productivity tips, gotchas, complaints, and anything else a HubSpot developer writes about."

HubSpot Developers

A couple of cool HubSpot developers, Dan Abdinoor & Karen Rubin.

An example of what you will find on the Dev Blog: developer Dan Milstein's thoughts about the pros and cons of getting back into the Java groove.

What won't you find there?  Ramblings about HubSpot or updates about our Internet marketing software.  We already have vehicles for that, as you've probably figured out from reading this blog.  

So if you're into the exciting world of technology and coding and want to hear about what our talented developers have to say about it, I encourage you to mosey on over to the HubSpot Dev Blog and, of course, leave a comment or two!

Find the HubSpot Dev Blog at

Furthermore, follow them on Twitter @HubSpotTech!


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