The Competition Heats up with PongSpot

by Pamela Vaughan


Jun 29, 2009 11:59:00 AM

I never got a chance to publish a post about HubSpot's new game room, but now is as good a time as any, right?  With the expansion of HubSpot's new office came the addition of the Brogan Game Room, dedicated to a new hockey dome, ping pong table, lounging area and foosball of course.

And with the completion of HubSpot's first annual March Madness foosball tournament, HubSpotters were hungry for even more competition (and more reason to hang out in the cool new game room).

Enter, "PongSpot," developed by HubSpotters Yoav Shapira and Sam Clemens.


Team Strangio (right - Vas Leckas & Ryan Gallo) defeat the Crazy83s (left - Dan Abdinoor & Stephen Huenneke) in Round 1 

The tournament, featuring five rounds of competitive ping pong play, started off with 23 teams with unique names ranging from the Sphere Fear Ballers to Platypus Rex.  Matches consist of 3 games each and end with the winners advancing to the next round. 

The original 23 teams were narrowed down to the Sweet 16 and, last week, to the Elite 8.  Unfortunately, the Sphere Fear Ballers were eliminated in the first round by the NSLOOKUPS; Platypus Rex's Yoav and Sam, however, are still alive.  

By the end of this week, we should be down to the Final Four.  Check out the brackets and stay abreast of the competition at

Stay tuned for winner announcements!  

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