HubSpot Releases Updated Lead Tracking and Management Tools

by Lauren Brown


Jul 14, 2009 9:51:00 AM

As all inbound marketers know, lead tracking and management is a crucial piece of the inbound marketing and sales funnel. In fact, HubSpot's lead tracking and management software is one of the keys to the 6x lead increase for an average customer in their first six months using the HubSpot software.

Now, it's one thing to increase traffic and drive visitors to your site, but it's another thing to convert these visitors to leads and turn the leads into customers.

Landing pages are the first step in this conversion process. Landing pages are pages on your website containing a form for visitors to fill out with their contact information, interests, and needs.

HubSpot's software makes creating landing pages simple. All you have to do is choose a layout and a headline and add text, images, and a form. That's it.  No contacting IT and no delay.

Once a visitor to your site has filled out a form, they become a lead. HubSpot's lead tracking software aggregates all leads from landing pages across your site, and displays them on the lead dashboard.  This dashboard shows the contact email, the landing page on which they converted, the date they filled out the form, and campaign details for each lead.

The sales team at your company can then use this dashboard to get specific information about these leads -- from their contact information to the pages they viewed and how they filled out the form.  On the lead summary page, you can choose to be alerted by email the next time this person visits the site.  The lead can also be classified as a repeat visitor, which sorts out the problem of duplicate leads.

HubSpot's lead tracking and management software has been designed specifically to make the sales and marketing process more efficient, and is an integral part of the conversion process.

To learn more, watch the video below above or sign up for our free trial.

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