HandshakeOn August 31, 2009, the first batch of HubSpot Partners passed the HubSpot Partner Certification exam. 

Mike Norman, MIT MBA Candidate and HubSpot intern, worked with the HubSpot consulting, sales and product teams to compile the first version of the exam. 

At the beginning of the test creation process, Partner Program Manager, Peter Caputa IV, told Mike, "I want this test to be impossible to pass. I expect most prospective partners will fail it. I want to hold our partners to very high standards. They must learn how to setup, leverage and maximize the value a customer gets from every one of our product features. They must be able to understand and leverage the value of our integrated marketing software - in every one of their client engagements. Additionally, they must know the inbound marketing concepts covered in the HubSpot inbound marketing methodology - like they wrote it themselves." 

Two months later, Mike had tapped 30+ HubSpot colleauges to build the 190 question test.

After having HubSpotters take the exam first to remove any impossible questions and refine existing ones, 50 marketing agencies and freelancers were invited to take the 3-hour test.

In order to be eligible to take the test, prospective partners were required to be using at least one subscription of the software on an ongoing basis. 

VP Marketing at HubSpot, Mike Volpe said, "We're very excited to have finally launched this certification exam for marketing firms who are interested in offering inbound marketing services. There are way too many unscrupulous and uneducated marketing agencies that are taking advantage of small businesses by selling them internet marketing services that don't deliver value. By educating and certifying these individuals and agencies, we're hoping to start setting a standard for the way internet marketing services should be sold and delivered."

Congratulations to the following individuals and companies for passing:

  1. Bernie Borgoes - Find and Convert
  2. Calvin Cox - Style Apple
  3. Dan Ronken -  Pull Not Push
  4. Daniel Lynton - Lynton Web
  5. David Carpenter - Y Marketing
  6. Jeff Scholes - Scholes Marketing
  7. Jeetu Mahtani - WakeFly
  8. John McTigue - Kuno Creative
  9. Karen Wilcox - Engagement Systems
  10. Linda Sevier - Pagetender
  11. Paul Roetzer - PR 20/20
  12. Rebekah Donaldson - B2B Communications Group
  13. Shari Sultana Modern Marketing Support
  14. Stacie Chalmers - Inbound Marketing Solutions

A directory of HubSpot partners will be maintained on InboundMarketing.com at http://inboundmarketing.com/partners

The test covered knowledge of the following material: 

  1. HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Methodology 
  2. Prescription, Setup and Ongoing Use of both HubSpot Owner and HubSpot Marketer products.
  3. Inbound Marketing University Material

The test will be refined as the HubSpot product and inbound marketing methodology continues to evolve. Partners will be encouraged to take the exam on a regular basis, in order to stay current. Certification will last for a maximum of one year.

Agencies and freelancers interested in being certified should start by learning about the partner program benefits and processes: http://www.hubspot.com/partners

Photo by Andy Roberts

Originally published Sep 15, 2009 5:18:00 PM, updated January 17 2023