First PongSpot, Now SpongSpot

by Pamela Vaughan


Sep 30, 2009 3:36:00 PM

Try saying that five times fast.

We crazy HubSpotters are at it again, this time with a singles version of our PongSpot tournament - appropriately dubbed SpongSpot! 

PongSpot Championship

First annual PongSpot championship game with victors, Mike Prior and Jonah Lopin and their competition, Prashant Kaw and Kyle James.

The tournament is officially underway, with an impressive showing of 44 HubSpot competitors divided into 11 groups of four.  Starting with a World Cup-style qualifying round, the two best players from each group will advance to the bracket round. 

Stay tuned for a breakdown of the brackets following the qualifying round, and keep your calendars clear for HubSpot TV live on November 20, after which the SpongSpot championship game will take place.  And of course, all are welcome!

May the best SpongSpotter win! 

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