HubSpot Customers Can Now Get Help Doing Inbound Marketing

by Jordyne Wu


Oct 12, 2009 2:04:00 PM

HubSpot software empowers customers to do inbound marketing themselves, but we understand that it can be hard to make time or get started.

Today we're announcing a new way to solve that problem: Inbound Marketing Services.

Inbound Marketing Services are designed to make it easier for Customers to get the expert help they sometimes seek.  We started with a few tasks important to inbound marketing and where we see Customers ask for help most frequently:

Call to Action designs for $50: Creative Call to Action buttons help drive qualified traffic to purchase or landing pages to convert throughout your website. Receive 4 design variations on a Call to Action button for your website.
Landing Page designs for $150: Landing pages boost conversion for PPC, email or any marketing campaign. Get 2 variations on a landing page for your website.
Blog articles for $400: Blogging creates content, attracts inbound links and prospects to your website. Commission 8 blog articles, including interviews and research, from experienced writers.
Video production for $400: Have business video professionals guide and edit videos for your website. Popular business videos include Company/product/service introductions, testimonials, and training videos.
Website redesign for $2,500-$10,000: Hire HubSpot experts to refresh or rehaul your website.

Have other inbound marketing tasks you would like help on?

Visit HubSpot Service Packages Wish List to submit a new service idea. If we select your idea, your first job is free!

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