Iron Chef HubSpot, Kitchen StadiumIron Chef HubSpot, HubSpot's newest company-wide competition created by by VP Inbound Marketing Mike Volpe, debuted yesterday with a livestream broadcast on HubSpot.TV.  Competition was fierce and the secret ingredients were tricky, but one team came out on top with unique dishes and impressive displays of creativity.  Keep reading to find out who...

The Competition

Iron Chef HubSpot is a demanding competition of creativity, innovation, composure under pressure and office cooking expertise.  This year's competition involves 12 teams of HubSpotters, comprised of 2 chefs per team.  Each teams has 20 minutes to prepare one appetizer, one entree and one dessert, each containing the "secret ingredient" revealed at the beginning of each challenge.  The 12 teams are divided into two championship competitions, Orange and White.  The top team per competition achieving the best overall score advances to compete in the final round, sure to be the ultimate display of office cooking mastery.  And of course, only one team can be honored with the title, Iron Chef HubSpot. 

Iron Chef HubSpot, Plated Dishes
  Plated dishes from Chefs Jeanne Hopkins & Shannon Sweetser

The Rules

  • Chefs must use only ingredients, utensils and appliances from HubSpot (5th floor) public kitchens, plus the "secret ingredient" unveiled at the start of competition
  • All teams will be provided equivalent access to the cooking equipment (microwave & toaster) in the Brogan room
  • Judges will award prizes for: (a) best appetizer (b) best entree (c) best dessert (d) best overall meal
  • Criteria will be (1) taste (2) presentation and (3) creativity
  • One team from the Orange Championship and one team from the White Championship will advance to the finals

Iron Chef HubSpot Judges

Iron Chef HubSpot Judges

Orange Championship

Last night's Iron Chef HubSpot debut began with the Orange Championship competition in the HubSpot Kitchen Stadium, the Brogan Room.  Such foods as apple, lime, ginger made appearances as the secret ingredients, and a variety of innovative dishes were plated by the competitors.

In the end, it was no contest for chefs Carol and Kirsten (The Belles), who won the competition with an impressive overal score of 81%.  Their winning dishes?

  • Appetizer - ginger fig and cheese balls served with lettuce and Triscuits
  • Entree - openfaced taco made with oatmeal/chip, topped with shredded chicken and lettuce, chopped fresh ginger and jalapeno chips
  • Dessert - oatmeal banana ginger cake, peanut butter frosting with chocolate mocha truffles
Iron Chef HubSpot, The Belles
Orange Championship winners, Carol & Kirsten

If you missed this week's livestreamed competition on HubSpot.TV, tune in to next week's White Championship on Wednesday, December 16 at 5 p.m. EST at

You can also watch the slideshow from the Orange Competition or view the Iron Chef HubSpot Flickr set.

Originally published Dec 10, 2009 11:21:00 AM, updated January 17 2023


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