HubSpot Completes First Draft of Partner Training Curriculum for Marketing Agencies

by Carol Ortenberg


Feb 12, 2010 12:34:00 PM

In June 2009 HubSpot officially launched the HubSpot Partner Program. Since then, more then 70 agencies and freelance consultants have signed up as HubSpot resellers and HubSpot has matched hundreds of service requests from HubSpot customers. 

Under the direction of HubSpot's CEO, Brian Halligan, and HubSpot's VP of Marketing, Mike Volpe, HubSpot has dedicated significant resources towards building a partner training curriculum. 

"Based on the success of the Inbound Marketing University training and certification program, and the number of agency employees and freelance marketing professionals tuning in to our own webinars, we realized that there was a need for deeper inbound marketing training for our peers in the industry," says Mike Volpe. 

Over the past months, HubSpot's Value Added Reseller (Partner) team, Peter Caputa IV and Carol Ortenberg have conducted monthly webinars to share the insights that HubSpot has gleaned from selling and providing inbound marketing software and training to thousands of HubSpot customers.

"We still have much more training for prospective and current partners. Online marketing is moving at such a rapid pace, that any agency that doesn't continuously learn and then refine their sales and services processes will be left behind by their competition. We are planning on tripling our partner training efforts in 2010 in order to help our peers stay ahead of the curve." says Caputa.

All webinars can be downloaded with slides and/or recorded versions of the webinar. The recommended order (and description) of the webinar classes are as follows:

  1. How to Create Custom Inbound Marketing Proposals This webinar shares HubSpot's own sales qualification process, plus additional information about how to ascertain what inbound marketing services a company will need from an agency in order to be successful. Following this process has helped many of HubSpot's partners build stronger proposals that win more business.
  2. How to Set Lead Generation Goals Most successful HubSpot partners leverage the HubSpot free trial in order to analyze a prospect's current website and inbound marketing status. This data is then used to help prospects set goals and, ultimately, help our partners make stronger sales presentations and create more effective inbound marketing plans. 
  3. How to Help Clients Generate More Sales Ready Leads This webinar is aimed at more advanced prospects or agencies who are typically selling to larger companies already generating some leads. The presentation helps agencies diagnose and plan an inbound marketing strategy that helps their clients a) generate more sales ready leads and b) turn existing lead flow into higher quality more engaged leads. The tactics discussed in this webinar will ultimately help agencies deliver a stronger ROI to their more sophisticated clients.
  4. How to Align Sales & Marketing Messaging, Processes & Goals This webinar will help agencies working with B2B companies. It focuses how these agencies can help their client's marketing team become more effective at supporting their client's sales team's goals and vice versa.
  5. How to Build Lead Generating Websites on HubSpot's CMS Aimed at agencies and freelance marketing professionals who build sites for small businesses, this webinar provides a roadmap to help design sites with lead generation goals front and center. The webinar also provides detailed instructions on how to implement a custom design on HubSpot's CMS, as well as whether a specific company's site is a good fit for HubSpot's CMS. 

The current webinars primarily focus on helping agencies and freelance professionals adapt their sales and services processes to a world where clients demand a measurable ROI from all marketing service providers, regardless of the agency's background. Thousands of marketing professionals have attended these webinars.

While these webinars have been sucessful, HubSpot intends to launch it's newest iteration on the VAR training program, with even more focus and intensity. Interested agencies and freelancers can tune in on February 18th to a webinar with HubSpot's CEO, Brian Halligan, and Peter Caputa to learn how you can grow your marketing services business and register for a valuable free training program by partnering with HubSpot . Register for the HubSpot Value Added Reseller Program Relaunch

HubSpot's CEO Brian Halligan says, "Continuing to build HubSpot's reseller program and services network is one of our key initiatives in 2010. With our help, many HubSpot VARs are growing their business rapidly. Just as importantly, customers that we've matched with VARs are seeing improved results with their inbound marketing. Furthermore, we know that finding and hiring an agency or freelancer to help with inbound marketing can be difficult. Many companies have been burned by unethical SEO and web design firms, or marketing agencies still trying to "figure this stuff out" as they go. By training and certifying the best inbound marketers out there, we hope to help companies with this arduous and confusing process, making it easier for companies to find service providers who will produce a measurable ROI for them."

Halligan continued, "This webinar will mark the official unveiling of the HubSpot Value Added Reseller (VAR) program V 1.0 and the HubSpot Services Network Beta. Based on early private feedback, we expect that these new enhancements will make it a no-brainer for growth-minded marketing firms to partner with HubSpot."

Register for the relaunch webinar to learn more about how the HubSpot Value Added Reseller Program and HubSpot Services Network can help your marketing services business grow in 2010.

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