Andrew McAfeeBeing a HubSpot employee (AKA a "HubSpotter") isn't without its perks.  Now, in addition to being part of a fun and competitive company culture and benefiting from a Mad Men-inspired vacation policy, HubSpotters will have the opportunity to satisfy their thirst for learning.

Last week, HubSpot Founder and CEO Brian Halligan announced the beta version of the HubSpot Fellows Program, introducing former Harvard Business School professor Andrew McAfee as HubSpot Fellows Program Dean.  McAfee is the best-selling author of Enterprise 2.0, a principal researcher at MIT, a Harvard Berkman Fellow, an active blogger, active Twitterer and HubSpot friend.

The inaugural HubSpot Fellows Program class will be comprised of a maximum of 20 qualified HubSpot employees, chosen by HubSpot co-founders Halligan and Dharmesh Shah based on a number of criteria, including the submission of a 300-word essay application.  The program, geared toward HubSpotters with or without MBAs, will grant students a HubSpot Fellows degree at the conclusion of four courses each consisting of four 75-minute classes:

  1. "Strategy -- HubSpot Style," taught by Brian Halligan
  2. "Quantitative Reasoning," taught by Andrew McAfee (TA: VP Customer Operations Jonah Lopin)
  3. "Negotiation," (instructor TBD)
  4. "Communication Skills," taught by Andrew McAfee (TA: VP Sales Mark Roberge)

Based on the success of the HubSpot Fellows Program beta version, the program will be adjusted and a second semester will be offered to include possible future courses such as "SaaS Finance," "Leadership," "Modern Hacks" and "Learning From Legends."

Interested in becoming a HubSpot Fellow?  You need to become a HubSpot employee first! Check out our current job openings on our Careers Page to apply.

Originally published Apr 15, 2010 9:55:00 AM, updated January 17 2023


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