Earlier in the year, HubSpot officially launched version one of the HubSpot Value Added Reseller Program and the beta version of the HubSpot Services Marketplace. As part of this launch, we committed to adding more resources to the team and launching a robust training program for existing and prospective partners.

We are pleased to announce today that the HubSpot Training Program is launching. All marketing companies and independent marketing consultants are welcome to apply. The training will consist of twice weekly webinars that cover how to package, market, sell and deliver a solid set of inbound marketing services.

In the last year, HubSpot has helped thousands of marketing professionals grow their businesses and service offerings through opportunities such as Inbound Marketing University, the HubSpot Services Marketplace and educational webinars. Most significantly, we've helped our value added resellers secure millions of dollars of recurring revenue.

And all this has happened while the Internet and the current economic situation have caused some of the most disruptive changes to the media, marketing and advertising industries that they have ever experienced. Agencies are being forced to take a hard look at the services they've always offered and evaluate whether that's the right thing to continue providing to their clients. At the same time, new methods of marketing are not only emerging, but evolving at a dizzying pace.

The HubSpot Partner Training Program will help agencies make sense of this chaos. Even though we continue to grow the HubSpot team at a rapid rate, we know we can't deliver the full promise of inbound marketing all alone. We need the marketing services industry to help us, as partners. We expect that the participants in this training program will be some of the leaders in the next generation of smart, talented, results driven and creative marketers. 

If you are a marketing agency or marketing consultant who provides PR, web design, SEO, or other marketing services, we encourage you to apply and become part of this marketing revolution. See you in class!

(photo provided by artonice)

Originally published May 6, 2010 2:14:00 PM, updated July 11 2013

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