Pinyadda's HubSpot Ninja BadgePinyadda, a web application designed to make it easy to gather, customize, and share news and information from across the web, has recently teamed up with HubSpot to launch a series of badges.  HubSpot's badges are included in Pinyadda's line of engaging badges offered by big names in the local Boston startup community and awarded to users who share relevant content from those sources.

Taking a page from Foursquare, Pinyadda's badge system aims to help users identify people who are the best sources for particular topics (called "Mavens") and people who share a lot of content from a particular site (called "Ambassadors") on its platform.  This  helps to ensure that Pinyadda users find the best content available. 

By "pinning," or sharing, articles from the leading Boston tech and innovation blogs that cover area startups, Pinyadda users are able to unlock different levels of startup stage badges.  Other members of the Boston startup and innovation community that are contributing badges are CSN Stores, Runkeeper, Microsoft N.E.R.D., and Mobile Monday.  Scott Kirsner (of The Boston Globe column, Innovation Economy), Doug Banks (of Mass High Tech), and BostInnovation are also offering a series of "BeIn" badges.

How to Earn Pinyadda's HubSpot Badges:

  1. On Pinyadda, follow the inbound marketing and social media topics, consisting of breaking articles about those topics from thousands of sites
  2. Pin and discuss articles from these topic feeds
  3. Promote your inbound marketing expertise to your Twitter and Facebook networks by clicking on the HubSpot badges you've earned in your Pinyadda Profile

By pinning articles from inbound marketing and social media topics, Pinyadda users in turn earn badges based on their level of inbound marketing knowledge.  Currently, users can earn HubSpot badges that indicate their status as an inbound marketing newbie, rockstar, guru, ninja or pro!

Download the PDF for images and descriptions of each HubSpot badge offered to Pinyadda users.

For those of you wondering how Pinyadda works in the first place, check out this video for a simple, helpful overview:

Power of Pinyadda from Pinyadda on Vimeo.

Now sign up for a Pinyadda account and start unlocking HubSpot's badges, then enroll in Inbound Marketing University to take your inbound marketing knowledge to the next level by becoming an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional.

Originally published May 27, 2010 9:00:00 AM, updated July 19 2013

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