New Online Marketing TV Show Features Brian Halligan & HubSpot [Video]

by Pamela Vaughan


Jun 4, 2010 11:14:00 AM

"College of Marketing Knowledge," a new online TV show produced by Blue Wave Marketing & Promotions, an agency that offers creative, interactive marketing solutions, recently released a new episode featuring HubSpot and CEO Brian Halligan.

In the 21-minute episode, Brian speaks with show host, John Moran, to discuss inbound marketing and the transformative nature of the internet as well as HubSpot's vision for helping businesses take advantage of new online technologies to get found and attract more customers.  Watch the full episode here.

Brian Halligan Blue Wave Marketing Interview

The "College of Marketing Knowledge" series seeks to educate viewers about the latest media and marketing trends.  The bi-weekly program goes on location to showcase business leaders who have successfully pioneered the development and use of new media and marketing strategies.

In two weeks, tune in for an additional "College of Marketing Knowledge" episode featuring HubSpot VP Sales Mark Roberge. (UPDATE: Mark's interview is now live!)

Watch all "College of Marketing Knowledge" episodes at

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