Website Copywriting Service Now Available on HubSpot Service Marketplace

by Jordyne Wu


Jun 23, 2010 8:39:00 AM

Website Copywriting

What is this Service?

Hire professional marketing copywriters to create strategic, buyer persona-focused website content that is optimized for search engines and designed to produce results.  The service starts at $200 per page and includes:

  • All copywriting and optimization for each page (i.e. page titles, URLs, meta descriptions and image alt text).  Additional fees may apply for content planning (i.e. navigation and page outline) and keyword analysis.
  • All client meetings, interviews and discovery research needed to effectively develop the copywriting.
  • Minimum of five pages.  Quantity discounts may apply.

Why this Service?

Inbound marketing is all about pulling people in with compelling content.  Website copy is basic content and poor, unintentional prose are squandered opportunities to make a favorable impression and convert hard-drawn visitors!

  • Does your website copy speak directly to the needs of your audiences?  Convey your core brand messages?
  • Is it optimized for search?
  • Does it drive visitors to a desired action (e.g. call, complete a lead form, download resources, buy now)?

If not, re-write!  If you haven't the time or dread writing, hire professional marketing copywriters do it for you.

About the HubSpot Service Marketplace

Let us know your thoughts on this service or any others available on the HubSpot Service Marketplace.  Have a service you'd like to see offered?  Suggest one and get it for free if we launch your idea.

Learn about the mission and details of the HubSpot Service Marketplace by reading Brian Halligan's Transforming the Marketing Services Industry.

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