HubSpot and PullnotPush Launch Effective, Affordable Website Design LITE

by Jordyne Wu


Jun 21, 2010 12:21:00 PM

Website Redesign LiteWe've published extensively on website design and redesign best practices.  We sound like a broken record emphasizing a website's function over form: the need for a simple layout and navigation, good search engine optimization (SEO) and above all, content creation and conversion over flashy design.

So why do we keep on beating the drum?  Because we still see people spending thousands of dollars on a beautiful website that doesn't help them GET BUSINESS (and a little part of us dies every time that happens).  Now, we're offering a solution-- a more effective, faster, affordable alternative to your typical website design or redesign.

What is this Service?

HubSpot and Inbound Marketing and HubSpot Certified Partner PullnotPush have teamed up to provide Website Design LITE, a streamline website design or redesign on the HubSpot Website Manager or CMS.  Choose from 10 design themes and customize 10 elements for a completed website in less half the time (3 weeks) required for typical website design.

  • Take the tour of the 10 step process (and contrast it with your typical, protracted website design process).
  • Total cost is a $900 (one-time) for the website design and starts at $250 (per month) for the HubSpot Software, which includes your website on the HubSpot Website Manager or CMS.

Is Website Redesign LITE right for you?

If you want a highly customized website in terms of graphics, features, layout or navigation, you better stick with a standard custom website design or redesign.  If you want a lightly customized but professional website that can be launched quickly with traffic and lead generation as its primary goal, Website Design LITE is a great choice.  See detailed comparison between a typical website design and Website Design LITE.

Website Redesign LITE leaves you with a lightly customized, professional website that you can edit easily without technical expertise.  Your website is part of your HubSpot Inbound Marketing software subscription so you can apply inbound marketing methodology and tools to draw traffic and generate leads.

website redesign lite

Why this Service?

  • Results-oriented website design:  People always seem to focus on the wrong things in a website design.  They care more about how the website looks vs. how it performs in terms of getting traffic and leads.  A pretty website won't get you traffic and leads-- inbound marketing will, which is why this service leaves you the time, effort and all the tools to do inbound marketing.
  • Look but don't touch: Too often, people are left with beautiful, complicated websites that are too fragile or technical for them to handle themselves.  This makes your website an ineffective marketing tool (not to mention, expensive to maintain).  You need to be able to add, edit, optimize content to draw traffic.  You need to be able to create landing pages, RSS, calls to action to convert traffic to leads and customers.  Your website isn't artwork to be admired at arm's length-- it's a living, changing tool for marketing.
  • Website design shouldn't take over your life: Sometimes, when we talk to people undergoing a website design or redesign, they have the haggard, hollowed look of someone who's been through too many mock-ups and missed deadlines.  Take back your life!  We've eliminated non-essentials: design elements that are time-consuming and expensive (which often slow websites down and distract visitors anyway).

Contact HubSpot and PullnotPush to learn more or start the Website Redesign LITE process.

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