cambridge innovation center logoAfter 4 great years at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), HubSpot has vacated its office.

The CIC, which currently houses over 250 businesses in its building, offers startup and emerging companies office space as well as business and technical services.  Designed to suit the needs of small and growing businesses, the CIC has been home to HubSpot since its founding in 2004.

"We couldn't have felt happier or more at home in the offices of the CIC," said Brian Halligan, HubSpot co-founder and CEO.  "The CIC is a company that truly supports the innovative community in Cambridge and the Boston area, and we're extremely proud that HubSpot's roots were planted there." 

CIC Banner - HubSpot the First 4 Years

To say goodbye and to thank HubSpot for its residence over the past 4 years, on Friday the CIC gathered HubSpot employees in its original office space on the 14th floor for a photo oppt and presentation of a special gift -- a banner showcasing HubSpot's growth in employees and customers during its 4-year CIC stay (see image above).

HubSpot would like to extend a huge thanks and goodbye to the Cambridge Innovation Center and its staff for 4 amazing years.  Although we're excited about the future, we're extremely thankful to have spent HubSpot's earliest years at such a great company that supports innovation and growth.

Thank you, CIC!

HubSpot Company Photo at CIC

Originally published Jul 26, 2010 3:04:00 PM, updated January 17 2023


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