First up: the inaugural HubSpotter of the Month, Tomcat!

October 2010 HubSpotter of the Month: Tom Cattaneo (AKA Tomcat)

Title at HubSpot: IT 'Godfather'

Role at HubSpot: I provide support to all HubSpotters: everything from their computers, phones, physical devices, to the phone/internet networks, logins, and email accounts, to conference room booking and projectors for meetings. I provide support for anything and everything that HubSpotters need help with to accomplish their daily tasks and jobs. If they need help, they come to the Godfather :)

How long have you been working at HubSpot? 2 years this month!

Favorite Thing About Working at HubSpot: Easily the people. Everyone is very friendly and easy to work with. It makes it easier to come to work every day when you feel as if you're hanging out with or visiting family members you actually enjoy spending time with :) Everyone is wicked transparent and knows exactly what to give, take, and how to set expectations. We all serve as an important piece of the HubSpot puzzle, and we fit together perfectly.

Hidden Talent: I'm unstoppable at Guitar Hero. Name the song on expert difficulty with hyperspeed on, and watch me go.

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Psychic ability. What would be better than knowing stuff before it happens?

What is your best, random bit of advice to inbound marketers out there? You never know what blog post is going to start a wave. I blogged for over a year on my fansite before I wrote one blog post that got more hits than that entire year's worth of posts combined. The topic? How to design your own shoes! If you told me the most popular way people would find my website and keep coming back was my post on how I designed my own Bruins shoes, I would have laughed in your face. That was until I saw for myself that months of thinking about articles and good topics related to the Bruins were meaningless compared to how people wanted to read my story on how to design your own NHL shoes at It blew my mind.

Tomcat Bruins miseryWhat are your hobbies outside of HubSpot? Besides being the poster child for the Boston Bruins misery last season, I'm still a die-hard fan. I am a classic rock and blues fanatic, and I study music every chance I get. I play guitar and trumpet, and I love playing music with friends. I also play in a men's ice hockey league.

What is your favorite tool in the HubSpot marketing software, and why? Sources. What an amazing anayltics tool that I can never stop checking for my personal site. Really cool data, organized very well.

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