We are excited to share that we recently welcomed our 3,500th HubSpot customer to our inbound marketing family. The chance to help so many companies duplicate the success of HubSpot customers to date who, on average, have increased their leads by 13% per month using HubSpot is particularly thrilling. 

The customer passion and support that HubSpot has enjoyed to date has helped make us one of the fastest growing marketing software companies, and we aim to continue making software that delights our users.

HubSpot Growth Q32010

Customer Success Fuels HubSpot Growth

This quarter, 10 customers shared their success stories via short marketing case studies that highlight their challenges and inbound marketing solutions. Companies ranging from a local Boston health club to an enterprise software company explained how their use of HubSpot’s software helped them modernize their marketing while increasing traffic and leads.

One of the many software companies growing their businesses with HubSpot, Nuesoft, grew leads by 130% and increased the size of its sales team to manage increased demand. Similar growth in new students via HubSpot has helped a Boston music school not only quadruple in size but also gain the momentum needed to build out a new space for its thriving student population.

HUG2010 Ended Q3 With Inbound Marketing Community

The first annual HubSpot User Group, HUG2010, held in Boston on October 4-5th, was a showcase of successes like these, where more than 500 inbound marketers gathered to learn, share best practices, and have a some fun. HUG2010 generated ideas, new relationships, and renewed marketing vigor for HubSpot customers and those following from afar. HubSpot Partner Pull Not Push’s Sam Coren noted, “Whether they were a business of just 1 or 1,000 - everyone in attendance had one thing in common: They were all crazy for inbound marketing with HubSpot.”  HubSpot customers can access the content and some recordings on http://success.hubspot.com/hug-2010-archive.

HubSpot is honored to have received a variety of accolades from the media and expert community during Q3. This enthusiasm indicates continued interest in inbound marketing for business growth.

Q3 Awards Include:

Q3 Media Coverage | 150+ Publications Covered HubSpot and Inbound Marketing, and Highlights Include:

”Marketing is changing and the customer is now in charge, creating an opportunity for companies to transform their marketing to generate significantly better results and grow faster using inbound marketing. HubSpot makes marketing easy by putting all the pieces together in an all-in-one system along with education and training to help marketers and business owners succeed,” said HubSpot co-founder and CEO Brian Halligan.  “The fact that our customers generated more than 1.5 million leads in Q3 using HubSpot software proves that it works.”   

Curious why 3,500 companies are doing inbound marketing with HubSpot? 

Try HubSpot’s 30-Day Free Trial to find out for yourself why they are excited about HubSpot’s inbound marketing software and advice. 

Originally published Nov 1, 2010 10:05:00 AM, updated January 17 2023


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