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  • We created this tool to help you make your own free business cards online without needing to hire a graphic designer. To get started, follow the steps below:

    1. Choose your preferred business card design from the selection (note: you can customize the colors, fonts and information that appears on your business cards later.)
    2. Enter your details in the form to populate your business card template with your information.
    3. Navigate to the ‘select fields’ tab above the form and choose what information you want to appear on your free business cards.
    4. Next, navigate to the ‘customize design’ tab to change the colors and fonts.
    5. Click the blue ‘generate card’ button in the bottom right.
    6. Check you’re happy with your business card design and answer the question.
    7. Click the ‘download your business card’ button.
    8. Download your free business card design as a .png or .pdf file
    9. Have your design printed by your chosen printing service.
  • While there's no definitive list of information you should provide on your business card, these elements tend to cover the basics: 

    • First & Last Name: Choose the name you prefer to be called. For example, if your name is Christopher, but you go by Chris, use the latter. 
    • Job Title/Business Name: If your job requires you to focus on several things, choose the title that best represents what you do on a daily basis. 
    • Basic Contact Information: Phone, email, address -- choose the contact method that best suites you.
    • Website URL: This isn't limited to just your homepage. If there's a more informational or specific site page to direct folks to, choose that. 
  • The standard business card size is 3.5 x 2 inches.

    All business cards created using the Free Business Card Template Generator are sized accordingly. 

  • Want to get a feel for how other professionals are serving up their contact information via business cards?

    Check out these business card design blog posts, complete with inspiring business card examples:

  • Available for: HubSpot Sales Free, Sales Starter, and Sales Professional

    With the HubSpot mobile app for Android, you can scan your business cards into your device to create contacts. Here's how to do it:

    1. Open the HubSpot mobile app. Then, navigate to Contacts and click the + icon.  
    2. Select 'Scan business card.' 
    3. Hover your device over the business card you wish to scan. Note: The app will automatically detect the edges of the card and take a photo for you.
    4. Click 'Save' to turn the photo of the business card into a contact in your database. 

    Tips for scanning business cards:

    • Try to limit the glare on your business card.
    • Tap your phone screen to correct blurriness.
    • Take the photo in an area where you have good lighting.

Business card generator

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Business card generator

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Business card generator

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